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"Sixes -n- Sevens"
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Well, I am back from my trip to Waterloo and ready to go folks! The sad thing about being in Waterloo is that I could not watch the Habs game last night due to RDS NOT existing in Waterloo.

But I digress ...

This should be a great game tonight folks! I can sense it will be a battle of the goaltenders. Price finally gets the chance to start in his home province and even though Luongo has not been up to par so far I have a feeling tonight is going to a different story.

The Habs are fresh off a great performance in Calgary so lets hope they can build on that and display some more of that fantastic puck possession we have been hearing about but yet to see.

As you have all heard by now, the Habs have signed defensemen Marc-Andre Bergeron to a 1-year deal worth $750,000 to help shore up the defense. He will most likely report to Hamilton to shake off the cobwebs but it should not be long before we see him in the Blue, Blanc & Rouge. Bergeron brings both an offensive side (16 goals last year, most on the PP) and a great defensive side. Look for him to be part of the second pairing and possibly on the first PP unit since he brings a bit more offense to the table then Hammer.

Ok, here we go ...

1st Period:

20:00 - Start of Game - Price & Luongo in the pipes - Wonder if Yzerman is watching?
18:13 - Big shot from the point by Van, Price stands tall
17:36 - Puck over the glass in Mtl end
16:45 - Face off in Vans end
16:03 - Great shot block MTL
15:00 - Decent hit by Paccioretty in Vans end
13:50 - Mtl's big line starting to move
13:35 - Stoppage of play, faceoff in MTL zon
13:29 - Van shot deflected over the glass
13:06 - Love Gorges, always hustling hard
12:35 - Shot block by Kostitsyn, seems like he is finally starting to move
11:32 - Mtl 2-1, Dags pass is deflected
10:50 - Latendresse working the bond in Vans end
10:30 - Johnson nailed by Kostitsyn
09:54 - Van pass deflected over the glass - Lots of Habs Jerseys in the crowd, nice to see.
09:37 - Nice passing play by Van, shot gets deflected over the glass
09:16 - D.Sedin shot on goal, Price stears it away
09:03 - Offside MTL
08:29 - Kessler with a great shot, Price with a great glove save
07:47 - Habs swarm the net but nothing to show
07:12 - Icing Van
06:21 - Webber looking good in his own end
06:15 - Vancouver Goal: Ryan Kesler - Bieksa & Edler
05:20 - Puck shot over the glass
04:39 - Sedin shoots the puck over the glass
04:25 - Puck played with a high-stick
03:31 - Faceoff at center ice
03:19 - Vancouver Goal: Mason Raymond - Kesler - Score: 2 - 0
02:18 - Slap shot Van, Price makes a nice save
01:59 - Montreal Penalty - Gill - Tripping
01:26 - Vancouver Goal - PP - Steve Bernier - Sedin & Sedin
00:03 - Good chance MTL, Luongo stands tall
00:00 - End of period

Wow, Vancouver are looking fantastic tonight! You can certainly tell the Habs played last night, at least the defence anyway. They are looking quite slow and making some bad decisions. Can't blame Price for those goals, ALL of them were just beautiful. However, the behind the back pass from Sedin to setup the power play goal was SICK! Look for the Habs to step it up in the second. If they don't, look out ...

2nd Period:

20:00 - Start of period
19:25 - Habs top line passing well
18:25 - Mtl shot from the point, Luongo stands tall
18:21 - Vancouver Penalty - Kevin Bieksa - Roughing
18:12 - Mtl with a great chance, Luongo stands tall
16:59 - Luongo makes a great glove save
16:52 - Montreal Goal - PP - Andrei Kostitsyn - Mara & Plekanec - Score 3 - 1 - Van
16:03 - Lapierre with a great chance, Luongo stands tall
15:23 - Offside Montreal
15:00 - Gionta & Gomez putting on a passing clinic
14:40 - Great defensive work by Kostitsyn, he is looking good tonight
13:49 - Vancouver Penalty - Mason Raymond
11:49 - End of penalty, a couple chances, Luongo stands tall
10:34 - Shot by Raymond, Price stands tall
09:41 - Chipchura with a nice wrap around, Luongo stands tall
09:09 - Burrows with the shot, Price stands tall
09:04 - Another stop by Price, no rebound
08:13 - Montreal Penalty - Plekanec - Tripping
08:01 - Vancouver Goal - Henrik Sedin - Sedin & Salo - Score: 4 - 1 Van
07:18 - Vancouver Penalty - Johnson - Holding
05:51 - Offside MTL, Vancouver defending well shorthanded
05:18 - End of Penalty - No shots
04:54 - Great save by Price on a Sedin deflection
04:24 - Vancouver Goal - Henrik Sedin (Eirhoff) on a 2 on none, poor Habs line change
02:02 - Montreal Penalty - Kostitsyn - Roughing
01:36 - Van & Mtl offsetting Minors - Hamrlik & Bieksa
00:00 - End of Period - Back to full strength

Well ... the first 10 minutes of the period was all Habs but then Vancouver got a couple breaks (Puck off Maras Butt & Poor line change) which resulted in 2 more Vancouver goals to up the score to 5 - 1. I'd almost say this one is over with the way Luongo is playing but stranger things have happened ....

3rd Period:

20:00 - Start of Period
19:04 - Van still looking good
18:28 - Mtl with a couple shots, Van with a couple blocks
16:50 - Paccorietty rocked, slow to the bench
15:50 - Montreal Penalty - Gionta - Roughing
13:50 - End of Penalty
13:00 - Gill - vs - Rypien - Gotta give the fight to Rypien, what heart!
12:05 - Mtls 4th line looking great!
10:15 - Cammalleri with a great chance, Luongo stands tall
10:00 - Van with a great chance, Price stands tall
09:10 - Sedin shot, Gorges with a nice block
09:04 - Icing MTL
08:38 - Montreal Penalty - Holding
08:21 - Vancouver Goal - Mikeal Sammeulson - ErhiHoff & Kessler
08:02 - Vancouver Goal - Alex Burrows - D. Sedin & Mitchell - Score 7 - 1
08:02 - Price pulled, Halak in
06:45 - Puck shot over the glass
05:20 - Vancouver Penalty - Burrows - Interference
04:34 - Great shot by Mara, if only he could hit the net
04:10 - Luongo is Back! If only the puck was shot in the air ... not that it matters
03:10 - End of Penalty - Mtl looked good, Luongo was Great!
02:23 - Sammuelson hits the post
00:35 - Mtls 4th line still looking great!
00:00 - End of Game - Score: 7 - 1 Vancouver

I gotta hand it to Vancouver, they looked fantastic tonight. Luongo appears to be back form, if so, every team better look out! The Habs looked tired and made many poor defensive decisions, throw in 2 pucks off Mara to Vancouver sticks and a huge line change blunder and you have the beating that just took place. Next game for the Habs is on Saturday, October 10th @ 10:00 Est. Until then, Keep Shooting!
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