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What is this city coming to? Have we been reduced to acting like the fans of a certain hockey team in Southern Ontario?

Mr. Gainey, Bobby "G", or my personal favourite, "Teflon Bob" has been, and continues to be criticized heavily from both the English and French media since the draft. The man who once sported a head of dirty blonde curls is probably wondering if Theo could spare some Propecia to restore his rapidly receding hairline.

4 years ago Bob decided to take a job where 4 million people in the greater MTL area think that being a GM is an easier task than working as a night clerk at Loblaws. I am surprised the man didn't quit his job out of frustration and ask MLSE for JFJ's job just to spite Montreal. Why don't we give Teflon Bob a break?

I come to Teflon's defence because I remember what he had to work with when he got to the MTL. Reggie Houle and Ron Corey had just finished destroying the Habs through bad drafts and horrible trades. Our players at the time were more interested in partying on St. Lawrence at Buonna Notte while our farm team looked more like an outhouse with sick cattle.....Teflon had to rebuild internally through good drafting, hire coaches he believed in and slowly had to separate the "Three Amigo's". He did not want a team that consisted of wanna be hockey players; he wanted a team that had balls, a team that hated to lose.

Sure, Montreal failed to acquire the likes of Briere, and Smyth this year, but I have comfort in the fact that Teflon tried his hardest to acquire them. I also believe strongly in the saying " if it didn't happen, it may be a blessing". Could you imagine the darts that would have been thrown at Teflon Bob from the Molson Ex section if Briere failed to live up to his ridiculous contract?

I strongly believe that Teflon Bob is doing the right things for the team and that one-day it will pay off. Montreal....Let's cool off, take a deep breath and be happy that our GM and his hockey people do the job they do. I know I wouldn't want his job, I really enjoy having hair.
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July 6, 2007 10:23 PM ET | Delete
Gainey has done a fine job, and I like the FA signings. Although we overpaid for Hamrlik.
July 6, 2007 10:53 PM ET | Delete
I'd love to have his job. I'm already losing my hair...but the Habs are fine in his hands.
July 7, 2007 2:18 AM ET | Delete
I wouldnt want his job.....Just having to answer to Bergie is enough to make me want to join the army..you know...doing something a lot less stressful
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