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Gainey, you idiot...

Posted July 29, 2007
I thought he handled the offseason pretty well so far. Sure, he overpaid for Hamrlik, but Hamrlik is still a quality #2 defenseman. Smolinski was a great pickup, and a vast upgrade over Bonk. Not too much was neede here, as the youth is arriving in droves and they're pretty good. Yesterday I saw that the Canadiens had made an offer to (gulp) Patrice Brisebois for 700K. My first thought? NO... Read More »
The sooner, the better. The message is as follows: Swap Souray's negotiating rights to San Jose for Hannan's. Straight up if you have to. And do it now, while there's still time to sign him. Hurry! Read More »

It's A Joke

Posted June 3, 2007
1 game for Pronger? Does the fact that he's a repeat offender play into this anywhere? I don't care if this is the Finals, that warrants more than one game, especially since Pronger is stupid enough not to learn from the Holmstrom incident. Also, the league says they suspended him because McAmmond was hurt on the play. That shouldn't matter at all. I wonder, if this was, say, Shawn Thor... Read More »

Duck Hunting

Posted May 25, 2007
This is how I think they stack up. [b]Goaltending[/b] - No doubt, Giguere is the more accomplished of the two, already with a Conn Smythe under his belt. He is as positionally sound as any goalie in the NHL. He is again proving to be his team's MVP on a team that boasts two Norris candidates. He is more than capable of stealing a game. An area of concern is that Giggy is not as mobile as a... Read More »

Round 3: How'd I Do?

Posted May 23, 2007
[b]1 Buf vs 4 Ott - Ott in 7[/b] - Didn't take as long as I expected, as the Sabres bowed out in five. I called the goaltending a wash...maybe I said that cuz I was cheering for the Sens. Miller is the better goalie, but not by as much as a lot of people are still thinking. However, Miller was inconsistent in the first two rounds. Of course, in this series, he was the only reason it was even c... Read More »

About Me

Favorite Teams

Montreal is and always will be #1 for me. Other teams I like are Pittsburgh, Colorado, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa...

Most Hated Teams

Toronto and Edmonton. I've never much cared for Detroit or Philly...once Mess left I could tolerate the Rangers.

Favorite Players

Active - Joe Sakic, Saku Koivu, Dion Phaneuf, Alex Ovechkin, Roberto Luongo, Jarome Iginla, Jordan Staal, Marian Hossa...I'm sue I'm missing quite a few guys that deserve to be here.Retired - Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Guy Carbonneau, Steve Yzerman...Lemieux, however, is my favorite of all.

Most Hated Players

Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, Fuhr, Tikkanen, Lowe, MacTavish (sensing a pattern?), Lindros, Domi, Tucker, Smyth...

Best Hockey Memories

1993, obviously. 10 OT games in a row to win the Cup. Especially Desjardins' hat trick in Game 2 vs LA.Mario's goals vs the North Stars in 91 and the B's in 92 were totally awesome. You know which goals I mean.

My Hockey Teams

I've never played competitively.

As a hockey player, I compare to...

Jamie McLennan I guess, because he never plays, and when you throw him into an NHL net, let's just say your team has to score a lot to win. If Kipper is injured, the Flames are screwed. Leland Irving can't come fast enough.

Favorite HockeyBuzz Bloggers

Anyone who doesn't cover the Leafs or Oil...(just kidding Berger, Katsaros, and Tencer) Seriously, I'm probably most drawn to Daniel Tolensky's entries. But you're all cool. :)