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I wonder how worried Deanno is about losing his job if the Kings a)Lose in the first round, or b) don’t make the playoffs?

I don’t know too much about Dean’s tenure in San Jose, but after listening to Craig Button a little while back, it seems as though Dean managed the Sharks the same way as he is currently managing the Kings by not making the right moves, let alone any moves to take the team to the next level.

We heard the “culture” and “identity” phrases come out of Dean’s mouth for the past five years or so, but what culture or identity has Dean brought to the Kings? The Kings definitely do not have a tough identity, nor do they have a skilled identity. Trading away one of the young and up and coming heart and soul players (Simmonds) without replacing his grit and toughness was a failure. Without Simmonds, the Kings are left with Clifford to fend for himself and his teammates. Drafting Lewis was a failure. Drafting Hickey was a failure. Trading Gleason AND Belanger for JJ and Teverdosky was a complete failure.

What is this team? Is he trying to model them after the Red Wings or after the Bruins? This team that Dean has assembled does not represent anything other than a bunch of “nice” guys who play hard. Is the Kings’ identity that of Dustin Brown, their captain? Yes, Brown is a physical, hard working player who can chip in with 25-30 goals, but he is also a chronic diver who never stands up for himself or his teammates. Is this what you want your captain to emulate?

I just don’t know what Dean is doing with the team. The core has been compiled by Dave Taylor (Kopitar, Brown, Quick), NOT Mr. Lombardi.

I have been losing faith in Lombardi for quite some time, but its beginning to get to the point where I am starting to think a new GM is needed to take this team to the next level; someone who can make some creative trades and signings; someone who can actually create a real identity that either the Kings will be a skilled team like the Wings or a tough, in your face, intimidating team like the Bruins.
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