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The Kings' Identity

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I used to think Dean Lombardi built the Kings without an identity. But, now, I realize that the Kings actually have an identity, one that is of a team that is wimpy, weak, soft, and energy-less. What you see live or on t.v. is exactly the identity Dean has built, and Sutter is an extension of that identity by telling his players not to fight or engage the opponent.

Dean is a decent GM, but what scares me the most is the alternative. What will the next GM do to this decent roster that only needs a few tweaks here and there, such as bringing in two tough, mean stay-at-home d-men (get rid of Scuderi and Martinez), a power forward to play in the top six (get rid of King and Penner), an energy type rascal of a player to round out the bottom six (Clune?)? Those are the types of changes this team needs. Will Dean makes these changes? No. Will the next GM make these changes? No, unless he goes by the name of Chiarelli.
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