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The Kings' Identity

Posted March 9, 2012
I used to think Dean Lombardi built the Kings without an identity. But, now, I realize that the Kings actually have an identity, one that is of a team that is wimpy, weak, soft, and energy-less. What you see live or on t.v. is exactly the identity Dean has built, and Sutter is an extension of that identity by telling his players not to fight or engage the opponent. Dean is a decent GM, but... Read More »

I Have Lost Faith in Dean Lombardi

Posted February 6, 2012
I wonder how worried Deanno is about losing his job if the Kings a)Lose in the first round, or b) don’t make the playoffs? I don’t know too much about Dean’s tenure in San Jose, but after listening to Craig Button a little while back, it seems as though Dean managed the Sharks the same way as he is currently managing the Kings by not making the right moves, let alone any moves to take the... Read More »

Kings need to get tough

Posted June 28, 2011
The addition of Mike Richards has made the Kings tougher up the middle, but the loss of Simmonds leaves a void to an already thin area on the team: Toughness. The Kings lack the kind of toughness that will enable them to go far in the playoffs. Dean Lombardi needs to bring in an animal to play on the back-end, a tough forward willing to drop the gloves to fill in for Simmonds, and a real pow... Read More »


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