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mt. pleasant, PA • United States •
Yes the refs were horrible but the pens were as well. I really don't have any idea where Gonchar was in this game. I can honestly say that 3 of the goals may have been his fault. He stood around all night. Also he couldn't keep the puck in the zone on the power play the worst pen all night. Malkin couldn't win a faceoff for his life. Recchi just seems like the game is passing him up and he can't handle a pass. Brooks Orpik can't pass it out of his own zone. The 2nd and 3rd lines are just not generating enough offense. Malone, Christensen, Talbot, Ouellet, Malkin, and Armstrong have all been nearly invisible in this series offensively. I do not believe that the pens could play this bad in front of their home crowd. They took them right out of it and it worked in Ottawas favor. These young guys are just not use to this kind of pressure and it seems to me right now the only one that can handle it is Sid. They can only ride Sid for so long they need to get some goals by the less likely players like what the Senators are doing. The Senators are not winning because of Heatly and Spezza they are winning because of 3rd and 4th line guys. I am really scared now for the Pens but deep down i think they will turn this around. Fleury just needs to stay focused. As soon as he makes one big save his confidence is sky high but if he lets up a bad goal he basically dies. This happens with many young players though. It just seems almost as if the penguins have hit a brick wall. Now they need to find a way to get over that wall and push through. This is the playoffs they maybe able to come back from 3 down in the regular season but not in playoffs. They need to put pressure on the whole game not just 20 minutes. They need to find a way to get their powerplay going again. It is time now for the pens to really make their move. They need to get rolling cause i think that if they can win this series they can defiently beat New York or Atlanta. They cannot be so inconsistent in the faceoff circles they need to win them regularly. Also they can't be scared to block shots like they were today. The first pass out of your own zone is the most important one and the pens couldn't make it today. Their are many things the pens will need to do different in the next game. If they lose Tuesday the series is all but over. It easy to speculate and say this and that but the bottom line is Ottawa leads the series 2-1 and won today 4-2. You can throw out all the stats. Nothing from the regular season matters anymore. Right now it is the penguins time to show me and the world what they are made of. Yes they are underdogs and are supposed to lose but i know the can win. Everyone picked them to lose but not so many really know what this team is made of. They have more intangibles than any team in the league. They need to use them to their advantage. They need to start skating and not standing around. You won't draw penalties by standing around. When you play hockey you can not quit skating. It just a lot of minor things for the pens. And right now that is all i have to say.
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