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Now with the Pens in a desperate situation it will be up to Michel Therrien. He has been outstanding leeding his troops all year long, but it is the real time. Right now he needs to do a major shake up in the lines and whos getting scratched and whos not. If i were Michel Therrien i would seriously think about playing Joel Kwiatkowski over a guy like Josef Melichar or Rob Scuderi. Also you have to think about Laraque instead of a guy like Ryan Malone who has defiently been invisble this entire series. It would not suprise me if Coach Therrien would go as far as playing a guy such as Chris Thororn. Maybe i'm stupid but the Pens cannot expect to win with the players they had on the ice last night.

Here is an interesting stat. The shots on goal for the series are Ottawa 99 and Penguins 66. It is sorta ironic that these are the two greatest numbers in hockey. But the real problem is they are getting out shot by 33. They don't even have that many shots in any game this series. I mean you have to give credit to the sens for fearlessly blocking almost all the penguins shots but they have to find a way to get something on the net. Emery is a shakey goaltender so almost anything has the possibility to go in. They need more quanity shots not quality. If the pens do go on to lose this series that is the main reaon why. Tomorrow night is basically an elimination game. NO team i mean NO team can comeback from 3-1 on the Senators. The pens have been cardiac kids all year coming back late in games but this is the playoffs and teams will not give up big leads like that. Well now me and the rest of Penguins Country just needs to hope for the best.

Let's Go Pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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