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Well, I've been quiet all year long on the blog site, and now that I've had time to reflect, and some sleep, here are some things that need to be addressed, IMO.
1. Team doctors screwing up with misdiagnosises
Well, it's kind of hard to knock a Dr. on his/her practices if you are not in their shoes. People have been saying the team doctors have dropped the ball with Connoly and Teppo. Connoly just got diagnosed with a bone spur on his hip instead of the bum groin he was originaly diagnosed with. OK, I guess that is a screw up, but depending on his symptoms, which are different in every person, this is possible. Also, remember, he has had some significant neurological injuries in the recent past, and those can cause perception of pain to be different. Please remember this. As far as Teppo being misdiagnosed, well, Teppo knew he had some heart issues for quite a while, and if it were me, I would make sure I would have regular check-ups. The fact is he didn't have those regular check-ups, or they would have caught his crappy valve before his team physical. I have posted this before, but I'll put it here too: Every person on the face of this earth, whether a hero or a zero, is responsible for his/her own body. Just because there is a medical staff where he is employed doesn't mean he is obsolved of any neglect for his own body. He has cardiologists at the cleveland clinic. Last time I checked, they are not affiliated with the Buffalo Sabres. Cut the Sabres medical staff some slack.
2. Oli Jokkinen to Buffalo for...
I, along with 99% of all the Sabre faithful, would love to see him here. The likelyhood of it happening? Not so much. This has been tossed around for the last two weeks, and the only thing I can think of is either there is some sticking point that has not been obsolved, or it was never an option to begin with. Darcy is no fool. He may be a puppet of Quinn, but he is smart when making deals, as past experience has shown us. Could it be that Florida is asking WAY too much? Could it be that Florida is stuck on one player, and darcy does not want to part with said player? Or, could it be that this was never even an option, and that someone wanted to start a rumor to get the mill going? Yes, Yes, and well, Yes! These all could be the source of this deal not going down yet, or at all. We don't know the answers, yet we get so ticked off at management for not making the deal. I have gotten very upset with the team in general this year, but let's face the facts. You can't let 95 points go from your roster and expect everything to be fine. You can't let a great leader go and expect the team to just follow anyone. I'm not complaining that they let those two go. They are not worth the money they got. But if anyone thought that the team would not miss a beat, they were crazy. Quinn might have let us in on a little hint of his own when he said "three year plan". I remember hearing that and saying "oh crapola".
3. Let's give this guy, that guy, and a couple of prospects for that guy
People, the rest of the league doesn't want our crap. Hell, we don't even want our crap, so what makes anyone believe that the rest of the league would? You can't just say "Kalinin, Al, Max, and a pick for Crosby". That won't fly anywhere! Why do some people think that just because we don't want them somebody else will? They are always brougt up in trade talks for a reason. It's the same reason all the other teams won't want them.
Bottom line: The Sabres fans are a very tough group, with a lot of pride. With that pride comes stubborness. We are very intense, and just tasting the sweetness of a long playoff run over the past couple of years, has put us over the edge. It's like a shark that smells blood. We lose all color in our eyes and go for the kill, except that our prey has been snatched out of the water just before we get there. Give it some time, people, and it will come full circle.
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The Buffalo Sabers are a professional ice hockey team based in Buffalo, New York. The Sabers participate in the National Hockey League (NHL) as a member of the Eastern Conference's Atlantic Division. https://bibapp.org/deltaco-survey/
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The Buffalo Sabers are a professional ice hockey team based in Buffalo, New York. The Sabers participate in the National Hockey League (NHL) as a member of the Eastern Conference's Atlantic Division. I read About Buffalo on myopinion deltaco com
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