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"Top shelf, where momma hides the offer sheets!"
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Look, I know he's the Co-Captain, and I know he lead the team in scoring, and I know he was the All-Star Game MVP, but lets be frank: He needs to show up in the 2007 NHL Playoffs! Goal or No Goal, so what! He is supposed to be a leader on this team, and has done nothing but shy away from everything.
Every time he touches the puck, I know he's going to do one of two things. He is either going to bring it up the boards into the offensive zone and stop on the half wall to look to pass, or he's going to make a rushed pass to nobody in particular to get away from the incoming check. Watch the next time he gets the puck on a rush. You will see it clearly. The Rangers are starting to key in on the stopping on the half wall. They are picking off his passes from this area because they know what he is going to do
Watch him go into the corner after a loose puck. Watch the initial burst of speed, then glide into the corner so the D-man gets there first. He does not want to pay the price to win the battle along the boards. I don't care if it's not his game, these are the playoffs! The best need to be the best, and that means adaptation when the opposition is stopping you. Surprise me, Danny! Be the first in the corner after a loose puck and take the hit to make the play!
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