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Did anyone out there notice the frank difference in the way the first two games of the Sabre/Ranger series was officiated? I can't stand to think that a series could be decided on the way certain officials are calling games. The first game, the refs called everything! The second game, the refs were much more leanient. I saw cross checks and punches in game two that would have made the refs have to clean all the spit out of their whistles in game one. I don't understand how there can be such an obvious contrast between refs in the league...
Game two of the Senator/Devil series was about the same as game one in the Sabre/Ranger series was called: Everything under the sun was called. Game one of this series: not so much... Why is there not more of a consistancy between refs? Yes, the play is much faster than it was a couple of years ago. But wait, we now have 2 refs as long as 2 linesmen. I understand some ref's mentalities are geared around not being a factor in who wins a game, and to just let them play it out. That's fine! No problem there! Easy solution: Call it even then! A cross check is a cross check, period. It does not matter if the jersey color is blue, white, red, black, green... It should not matter. Along with the name of the player who has a stick driven between his shoulderblades should not matter. If they thought it was a dive, then call the cross check AND call the dive! Don't just let it go.
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