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It’s no secret that the Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy to win in professional sports. Any player will do whatever it takes to hoist it. That’s a proven fact given what has happened through the first four games of the series.

I’m tired of Canuck fans and Bruin fans complaining about the calls. It’s the FINALS! First off, I really don’t think the refs have done a good job when it comes to the calls. And by that I mean that, they’re missing the obvious call, but then are calling the hogwash. But for the most part, they’re letting them play hockey, somewhat.

Both teams are playing dirty but like I said, any player will do anything to hoist the cup. But I think the Bruins may have messed up last night. They’ve been playing with a fire in their eyes and it all started with the hit on Horton. It woke them up. Since then Boston has controlled the puck, physical play and the scoreboard. Where they messed up is when Marchand took the mindless penalty in the third, then delivered a hip-check to an incoming Canuck then dropped the gloves. Then, Thomas decides to begin using his stick as an axe. This may now re-spark the flame that Vancouver has been missing the past two games. They also fly home for home ice advantage.

It’s going to be a wild one in Vancouver on Friday. The Fans are going to crazy, Boston is riding a high and we’ll wait and see how the Canucks respond. Canucks Head Coach Alain Vigneault announced this morning that Luongo will be starting in game 5. I believe this is a move to see how he reacts after being yanked. It’s not really his fault entirely although I’m sure he’d like to have a few of the goals back. Their defense has gone missing as well as their high top offense. The Sendin Twins are a combined -3, with 1g 1A. They need to get it together as Vancouver are showing signs of their usually choke.

The Bruins have been playing nonstop hockey since day one of the playoffs and it’s seems that they’re not even tired. They had two 7 game series (Montreal and Tampa) and the breeze 4 game series against the Flyers. They’re out battling their opponents on the boards, getting pucks in deep, and dominating the physical play. They’re forcing Vancouver to the outside and not giving any of their shooters, lanes.

Luongo may be on a short leash on Friday. You can’t afford to make any mistakes in the finals. Schneider played well in relief making 9 saves on 9 shots. If the Bruins get a few quick goals, it will be interesting to see what Vigneault does. You don't want to go back to Boston down 3-2.

I predicted that the Bruins would win the Cup once they beat Montreal. I still stay with my prediction as well as my pre-series prediction of them winning in 6.
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