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Stanley Cup Break Down

First off, congratulations to the Boston Bruins, they truly deserve it. Also I’d like to say congratulations to a Hall of Fame career to Mark Recci, who has been my favorite player. It’s sad to see a guy who can still play like a 30 year old hang his skates. He defiantly has a few years left in his tank.

Where did it all go wrong for the Canucks? First off they lost one of their top defenseman (Hamhuis) which played a major factor since the defense seemed to be a downfall. What made matter worse is the aside from Games 3, and 4, Luongo played pretty well. He was on a short leash in game 6, but the Defense hung him out to dry on 2 of the 3 goals against. In games 1,2,5,7 he was nothing short of spectacular. The defense had worn down by the Bruins' fore-checking by game 7.

The offense wasn’t much of a help either. The Sendins played a disappearing act. The major offensive weapons for the Canucks were simply, out of ammo. This isn’t the first time star players went missing in the finals. Take a look at Lindros in the 1997 finals against Detroit. I can’t blame the loss to the Canucks based on injuries or that their star players didn’t show up. But it was simply that they were out of gas. Boston’s endurance is unbelievable. They played 107 total games this season. (Season + Post Season) They weren’t gassed in the least bit. Instead, they played physical and worn their opponents down. Once their opponents went to catch a breath, they brought out their scoring. It was a tight, and dirty series. Something I will remember for a long time.

It’s unfortunate that the end of Hockey season ended in violence. Over 150 people were treated for injuries, 9 cops also were injured and total destruction of downtown Vancouver. It’s a shame because this is just poor sportsmanship from the fans. I know not all of the real fans are to blame. I’m well aware of “Band Wagon” Fans. They plague every city. Whenever my team loses, I tell myself “If I destroy or hurt someone, will it change anything?” Fans are not in control of the game. We are spectators and supporters. Our team feeds off our support, but we do not put pucks in the back of the net, we do not play defense, we do not make saves. We can only have faith in our team and hope for the best. I implore all us Hockey fans to not get violent at games. It’s frustrating I know, but we’re better than that!


According to multiple sources from the Flyers camp, a deal has been completed but not finalized by the Flyers nor the NHL, for Ilya Bryzgalov. I’m informed that the deal is for 4 years but wasn’t told of any numbers. The reason the Flyers can’t finalize the deal is for a few reasons. 1: They don’t have the money because they need to shed some salary in order to sign Ilya. Signing him first without making a trade pretty much lets other teams know they you’re in a jam and it can come back to harm the team. 2: The new Salary Cap is expected to be announced June 30 and is projected to go up to $62-$64 million.
In order to resign Leino, Powe, Carcillo, Nodl the Flyers will no doubt have to shed $5 million. Like I said before, it will be interesting to see what Homer has up his sleeve.


The Discover Card commercial featuring the Stanley Cup at an airport and the Cup caretaker speaking to another guy known as “Peggy” about his bill, is in fact the actual caretaker of the Stanley Cup.

NHL Trivia

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Today’s Trivia: Which NHL Team won five consecutive Stanley CupTitles from 1955-/56-1959-60
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