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It sure has been a quiet offseason for the Flyers. That was however, up until July 18 when the Flyers signed RFA Shea Weber to a huge offer sheet. With just a day remaining for Nashville to match, one has to wonder what the Flyers are going to do with offense. If Nashville does not match and the Flyers get Weber without having to work out a trade, the Flyers will have $4.9 million remaining in Salary. They still have RFA Jakub Voracek that needs to be signed and he is looking for a raise from his $2.25 mil from the previous season.

The Flyers have lost two big forwards in Jagr and JVR when it comes to points, but many people would point out, not nearly as many from the previous offseason. (Richards/Carter) The Flyers are going to need some offense regardless. If they do work out a trade, most likely Read and or Voracek will be dealt and that will make four offensive departures this offseason. Fans may point out that Bobby Ryan is still being shopped, but the asking price is still high for Ryan. Also who do you trade for him if the Flyers end up losing Read and Voracek?

Holmgrim is not looking to blow this young team up again as he did last year. The last thing he wants to do is trade five players to bring in two. Best case scenario, the Flyers get Weber without Nashville matching and could end up trading Read or Voracek, plus a D-man (Coburn or Meszaros) in a package deal for Ryan. The Ducks could believe that they could ask a high price for Ryan, but remember Ryan’s comments, indicating that he does not want to play for Anaheim anymore. The front office knows this and the last thing an organization wants, is an unwanted player in their locker room. The team who is the most patient will obtain Ryan and probably at a reasonable cost.

Still could the Flyers afford Ryan if the price did drop?

If you look at the Flyers current roster here is the breakdown:

F- Danny Briere. Cap hit of $6.5mil. The NHL’s most consistent scorer when it comes to the post season. His veteran presence and leadership as well as his skill level would hurt the Flyers if he were to be dealt.

F-Scott Hartnell. Cap hit of $4.2mil. It wasn’t long ago where Hartnell was at the top of the rumor mill of being traded. That was before Hartnell has the best season of his career by leading the team in goals and earning his first trip to the NHL all star game. Even before Hartnell became a scoring leader, he still had put up 20+goals five out of six seasons and he’s that gritty player that will win battles off the boards, drop the gloves and give it his all every night. Trading him will only downgrade the team’s size which they’re already lacking in the offensive dept. Not to mention even though he’s in a contract year, he’s willing to come back at a discount.

F-Max Talbot. Cap hit of $1.75mil. Talbot also had a career season with the Flyers and was a huge player on their PK and is a younger version of Ian Laperriere. He will sacrifice himself for the team and to win games. He’s also a veteran presence with Stanley Cup experience. Dealing him could cripple the PK.

F-Wayne Simmonds. Cap hit of 1.75. Simmonds, like Talbot and Hartnell, had his best season last year with 28G, 21A for 49 PTS. He’s a younger version of Hartnell. He’s very valuable on the PP, isn’t afraid to drop the gloves and has tremendous potential of being a career 30 goal scorer. His salary is friendly to the Flyers and given if another player is traded, his responsibility will only increase. His name isn’t something you’ll hear every night on the NHL Network, but he is one of those valuable role players that will make whichever team he is on, better. Trading him would come back to haunt the Flyers.

F-Matt Read Cap hit $900,000. Read was an undrafted rookie and probably made plenty of NHL scouts, smack their heads. Read is probably the Flyers’ biggest trade piece because of his rookie season and potential to be a star in the NHL. However his $900k is good for the team asking for him, but no good for the Flyers. If he was moved, another big salary player would have to go with him.

The untouchable players I’ve labeled are: Claude Giroux, Sean Couturier and Brayden
Scehnn. Some may also forget that there is a young player looking to make a name for himself, who is buried down in the Flyers roster. I’m talking about Eric Wellwood. Wellwood has some of the fastest skating I’ve seen since Simon Gagne’s rookie year. He played very well in replace of an injured JVR playing 24 games scoring 5G and 9A. I expect him to make the roster and play on the 3rd line. We had nine rookies make suit up last year for the Flyers, so why not give him a shot?

We’ll have to wait and see what were working with here, since a lot can happen between now and the deadline for Weber. Will the Flyers become a better team Wednesday night? As a Flyers fan, I can only say, “I sure hope so!”

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You seriously posted this article not knowing about Weber? Nashville matched like 18 hours before you posted this.
July 25, 2012 9:52 PM ET | Delete
July 28, 2012 7:40 PM ET | Delete
Lets not forget he calls Paul Holmgren, Holmgrim.And how is a 5 person analysis, a roster breakdown?
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