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"The Down Low"
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Game #3

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So game one the leafs could have lost easily in the dying seconds and game two they could have won in the dying seconds. Not only was the scenario a coplete opposite, in my opinion the leafs played a better game against Buffalo than Montreal. Congradulations Ryan Miller for coming out and spoiling a great team effort with a stellar night between the pipes. Wouldn't it be nice to have a goaltender that could compete in the eastern conference, hmmmmm... Oh sorry I fell into a deep day dream there.
Let's see now the Bruins have Raask(not Pogge who likely plays in the echl by now if he's lucky)and the Canadiens have Price, Buffalo has Ryan Miller, Ottawa has three goalies that are all better that Reimer and Scrivens stacked in the net on top of eachother. Okay that's a little too far, however, not all that unrealistic. In order to compete the leafs need better goaltending. I know eveyone is being very supportive of what the team is doing, and if they can play well defensively yes they have a chance. defensive play has been so much better in the first two games it's promising. I fear that as the season starts to roll and players hit their strides the weakness may begin to show again.

Tonight Syd and Malkin welcome the leafs into their home and of course Crosby hasn't done a whole lot on the score sheet yet, which leads me to believe that tonight is the night he decides to explode. Great players always play their best against the leafs eg; see Ryan miller's performance Monday evening. I hope the boys are ready to get physical on the big two from pittsburgh because as we saw in the playoffs last year if you hit them hard they will get away from their own strengths and that is the buds only hope for a victory tonight. Once again we face a team with better goaltending and a better line-up it will be an uphill battle that will be won by the speediest team and the most physical team. Maybe Kadri will get some time with the big boys tonight and show he can do it for real although I'm not sure he can keep up defensively while Malkin/Crosby steam rolls him, time will tell.

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