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Great Character

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The leafs really showed some character last night. they looked as though they were going to give in about halfway through the second period, but they managed to take complete control in the third and won a decisive victory.

The young guns are firing on all cylinders as the goals were scored by; JVR, Kulemin and matt Frattin iced the game again for the leafs. I reall want to mention the pass that Kadri fed across ice to frattin to bury the puck into an empty net. those types of passes cannot be taught, they cannot be pushed for or expected of any player. Those types of plays are reserved for the most skilled players in the world and Kadri seems to be on his way to demonstrating why he was such a highly regarded draft pick. He makes it look so effortless and I couldn't be happier that Ron Wilson can no longer hold him back. With Kadri's confidence on the rise look for him to continue his red hot start through the year.

Reimer was the true difference as he was bailing out the team almost every time the caps were ohn the attack as the Leafs defense kept feeding lovely passes to the incoming caps. It was literally like they were trying to do it because several of the Leafs giveaways were tape to tape passes. They had outshout the caps 10-0 through the first half of the period and reimer was once again called on to weather a bit of a storm after remaining idle in his net, and he answered with sound positional saves and a few spectacular ones as well.

It was a team effort and they won because of it. Future is bright and the sun is rising, within the next few years these guys are going to be really good.

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