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"The Down Low"
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Bell Centre Brawlin!

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Maybe Don Cherry was right when he boldly stated that the Leafs new toughness is the reason for a much steadier and confident game play by the young team. I can remember thinking so many times last year..."IF Colton Orr were here that guy wouldn't be hacking Kessel to ice everytime he touched the puck". And when you look at the 1-0 loss to the bruins this year it was a complete reversal. Absolutely no one was taking liberties with the smaller leafs forwards.

For some reason the Habs thought they would try to bully around a couple of 5'9" 180 lb european players (Grabovski and Komarov). Enter Brandon Prust Montreals new GOON, who we all know can dance with the best of them, was picking a fight with Komarov(a rookie) so Grabovski Valiantly drops his gloves to go at Prust. We all knew this was not going to end very well for Mikael, but before Grabovski could defend his linemate Maxwell Pactioretty starting what looked like a forearm fish hook yanking his head back while partially suffocating him. You can see terror and Panic in Grabovskis eys when he instinctively bit down and let Maxwell know that if your going to corner a racoon you'd better be wearing some serious protection. And why? might I ask does Brandon Prust need protection from Mikael Grabovski to the extent that he need to have his face ripped and clawed at by a guy whos stands 6'2"and at 219 lbs according to espn's stats. I would have bitten him untill he let go too, although Grabovski probably will get arrested for asssault as we all know how Maxwell rolls.(search Chara hit on Pactioretty and the investigation that insued) I wish I could have been in Colton Orr's head while he was watching this take place from the bench, i guess we kinda can figure it out by what happened when he next stepped on the ice with Plekanec, Bourque and Gionta his attempt at Plekanec at center ice drew in Gionta who was quickly replaced by Bourque who essentially took a bullet in the jaw for his captain, which no doubt earned him some dressing room towel snaps. Orr Flattened him with one clean shot. Meanwhile back on the farm, Mclaren was tossing around mouth flapper Gorges like he was a little girl. Laughing and shaking him around... it was ridiculously entertaining and absolutely refreshing for a leaf fan who has seen the get bullied and pushed around across the NHL for 8 years.

I guess what I'm saying Don Cherry was right if people don't want to be bloddied and bruised they will play good clean hockey and leave the smaller younger skilled players to play for the fans that have so generously returned to game we all love. That's all there is too it. Montreals days of cheapshots are coming to an end the diving and crying at every penalty call will begin to take their toll.

Just want to add this well done to ROOKIE Mike Kostka for smacking Brandon Gallagher in the mouth for his antics(even though this kid is looking electric with Galchenyuk) he was most certainly in line for what he got. Young punks should never get away with snowing the goalie and yapping the way he was.

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