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"Hockey in the High Desert"
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Another game, another hurt defenseman.....this time, Chelios, the last really experienced, steady blueliner the Wings had on the roster. We still don't know the extent or severity of the "contusion" that he suffered, but if anyone can get back quickly, it will be a fitness nut like Cheli.

As for filling out the blue line corps, I think Ken Holland has his work cut out for him. The Wings will definitely be shopping come the next few days for someone to help fill the void in the stretch run to the playoffs. The Griffins roster has already been relieved of Meech, Quincey, Ericsson, Howard, and Hartigan to fill in for the injured Kronwall, Rafalski, Lidstrom, Hasek, and Cleary. Ference could be called up as he's got NHL experience and is only a minus 5 compared to Kindl's minus 24. Or perhaps Garret Stafford might be called up at minus 2 with 25 points and some maturity. In the end though, I think Mr. Holland's Opus will include something in the key of "D".

With a rash of injuries the likes of which the Red Wings haven't seen in years, the almost embarrasing early piling up of points is looking like a saving factor for this season. The only other upside to the recent injury plague is that a lot of young D-men are getting ice time in the NHL, helping to contribute to the Wings depth down the stretch, and their development for the future.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these young players up from Grand Rapids catch on quickly, contribute strongly, and help steady the Wings for a while. I'm also hoping that management helps with some pre-trade deadline dealing.
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