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"Hockey in the High Desert"
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Yet another inspiring and hard-fought Red Wings victory in the playoffs. Are the professional pundits finally going to learn that the Wings ARE "physical enough" to get through this? Is anyone going to admit that the "Red Wings are too old" isn't going to fly anymore when the difference in average age between Detroit and Dallas is less than a year? No matter, regardless what the ESPN, TSN, RDS, CBC, Versus, or NBC analysts say, the play on the ice speaks for itself.

As for the game ending altercation between Osgood and Ribiero, I believe a suspension is warranted in this case. A one-game suspension would be appropriate considering the circumstances. Granted, Ozzie got the knob of his stick in Ribiero's face, a dangerous and ill-advised move, but it is NEVER, EVER acceptable for anyone to deliberately deliver a two-handed blow with their stick to any part of another players anatomy. In regular play, the casual or incidental move of this nature will draw a slashing call at least. After play has ceased, hauling off and whacking someone two-handed with your stick can range from the Ribiero type to the McSorely type, and the league cannot allow, excuse, or fail to punish it.

In game 1, there was a little controversy over the Holmstrom "foot in the crease" goal. While this "non-call" was indeed a bad miss by the officiating team, it seems quite appropriate that it should be allowed considering the history of Detroit, Dallas, the current Dallas Co-General Manager, and the Stanley Cup Finals game-winning goal that Brett Hull scored in 1999. Just chalk it up to Karma coming back to bite you in the butt. I'm sure Dave Tippett and Marty Turco won't see it that way, but their boss might appreciate it a bit more, eh?
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