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After Crosby made his seasonal debut, I wanted to see if it was a legitimate possability for him to win the Art Ross this year and started doing some research. 1st I looked at ppg under Mike Sullivan last year. He scored 66 points in 52 games. (1.27 ppg). I then took that number and and multiplied it over the remaining 73 games (93 pts) and added the 5 he has now. That's 98 points in 76 games. Great numbers, but someone's going to break 100 this season.

Most likely it will be one of McDavid, Kane, Stamkos or Benn. I'm discounting Skinner (doubt he can sustain scoring pace) and all rookies (eventually they hit some wall regardless of talent). As for the contenders;

Kane: for as good as he is I just dont see him repeating last year. I think he's between 90-100 points, but that's not going to win it in 16-17.
Benn: prior to last year, he has never put up numbers "that" good. He'll score 70 plus, but I believe the Stars to be weaker which will effect his point total.
McDavid: He is currently at 1.33 points per game. And, though he could very well maintain it, i think, just like Crosby, health will be a factor. At the pace he plays, and with the target on him, I believe he will miss some games this season. I think he'll break 100, but possibly not by much.
Stamkos: With the talent surrounding him, Stamkos looks poised to put up excellent numbers. I believe that he'll also be around the 100 point mark. McDavid will most likely put up more points.

With all of those players posing a threat, I do believe that it comes down to a battle between Sid and McDavid. So far this season Sid has looked very similar to the player that put up 1.6 ppg between 2010-13. I don't believe that he'll maintain that pace, but if you split the difference between the 1.60 and the 1.27 under Sullivan last year you end up with 1.44 ppg. If Sid can score at this pace, and remain healthy, he puts up 110 points in 76 games. If McDavid maintains his current pace, and plays all 82 games, he ends up with 109.

Therefore, when the 2016-17 season ends someone, possibly multiple players, will break the 100 point barrier. And, yes, Sid will be one of them. Can he overcome McDavid, Stamkos, Kane and the rest? It's quite possible. Will he? I have no idea. But, this season could very well be a race to 110 points.
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How did you write this? HockeyBuzz is broken!
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Short answer: yes, yes he can.
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BINGO!, go to the main part of this site and tell me what you see.
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Free Smelly.
November 3, 2016 1:26 AM ET | Delete
Mr.Bobby, stop it.
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The answer to your title is YES he absolutely can. your expectations of his competitors however are preposterous
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Someone go to the main part of HockeyBuzz and tell me what they see please!
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I see colors and sound.
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In other news, water is wet
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He can. But your reasoning for mcdavid will probably miss some games because of the pace he plays still applies to Crosby and your assumptions have him playing the rest of the season.
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Mr.Bobby, what do you ACTUALLY see?
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I see Garf
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Message Posted
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