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This is my first Blog so bear with me. I feel that it is important to talk about the one flame player who I believe is maybe a diamond in the rough. Matthew Lombardi, I believe is a player or two away from Iggy numbers. This off season I thought Sutter might address the Lombo situation, and bring in some young talent to play with Lombardi. But what I can see is that he did the exact opposite in signing Nolan as our only true new forward. You may ask what kind of players does Lombardi need. Well I feel he needs a player to complement his speed, a player to open the skating lanes, and a player capable of matching that same speed. That player I understand is hard to find, but I feel that there is still some available. Some players that come to mind are, Colby Armstrong to open the lanes, he can score and can attract alot of attention away from Lombo. Rick Nash, the chemistry that lombo and him had at the world championships was amazing. You ask how does the Flames get a Rick Nash? I believe it is possible by trading away one of our billion centers that we have. I know that I don't have all the answers, this is just a personal opinion, But I believe in order for Lombardi to succeed he needs differnt players to work with. Thanks for your time. CHEERS
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great job buddy I agree lambardi is a good one he will become great player great assessment
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Lombardi at certain points of last season was incredibly dangerous, especially on the PK. That's why I didn't like the Conroy deal, because it pushed him back to 3rd line duty. He's not that kind of a player though. We need him on one of the top 2 lines. In my opinion, put Connie down on the third line and let Lankow and Lombardi man the first two.Tanguay - Lankow - IggyHuselius - Lombardi - Nolan/Moss/BoydThose are a decent first two lines. Let the checking forwards be checking forwards!
August 14, 2007 1:19 PM ET | Delete
I think you'd have to tear Nash out of the cold dead hands of Columbus managment but they did look good together. I think a combo of Huselius, Lombo and Nolon might be interesting even if Moss was the guy on the right. You have a very quick center with passing skills, a super sniper/passer in Huselius and Nolan could still have hands around the net in terms of crashing as would Moss to some extent. I agree we have to trade a center, I think Sutter is waiting until training camp to decide who though, I wrote about the same thing not even two days ago! Good job!
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Lombardi will get his chance as the top Center this year, with the chemistry Langkow and Huselius have putting them together with Nolan as a line is a natural. Boyd is definatley penciled in on the team right now and last year the there games Boyd,Yelle,Moss played together showed an experianced two-way center like Conroy can go a long way forthe Moss and Boyd. Nilson, Yelle, Primeau, Godard, and Prust being the teams checkers in some variation each night, that Leaves Lombardi as a Natural fit to play between Tanguay and Iginla something he got a shot at last year but wasn't ready for, i think he will get his shot again this year.
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