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Phil a del phia, PA • United States • 2011 Years Old • Male
i hope the hockey media doesnt run with this stupid story about the staal brothers. they were at a loud party and got thrown in the paddy wagon. anyone have a penny?

hockey doesnt need to be glorifying the dramatic aspect of hockey. thats what espn does and why sidney crosby gets overturned on 'who's now'. the major sports of the nfl, nba and mlb have more ego than team. its become about the players and not the teams. the endorsements. its really ridiculous that the nhl and bettwomen want to take the league in this direction to market itself. the league is obviously making money, so lets sacrifice the 'persona' and stick with keeping our respect as a sport. the sport has a more than solid fan base to keep it alive for years to come. just take a look at the people in nashville and their willingness to retain the sport they have just recently come to love.

unfortunately, we as core fans lose our leverage in any debate simply because we will still be watching it in 2011 when nets are elliptical at the courners, shootouts will occur after 1 period of playoff overtime, and there is a team in las vegas (without getting on a tangent about is probably the most idiotic thing i have heard yet)
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July 26, 2007 10:06 AM ET | Delete
Fine, don't play up the personalities in hockey and the individuals. Just be willing to except that hockey will be a permanent Division I-AA sport in terms of attention and interest.
July 26, 2007 3:33 PM ET | Delete
i dont care about gaining more fans. that kind of mentality is what will see our game change into something most of do not want to see. if people dont like my sport. than so be it. i dont need the drama of the nba or the egos of nfl football.
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