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Bill Wirt$ is alive!

Posted 8:57 PM ET | Comments 4
How else can anyone explain the resent egregious ticket price increase?

Some tickets almost doubled.

This is a team that has two top nine forwards in Kane and Toews.

This is a team that has one defenseman, Keith, who would beat out any of the defensemen left in the playoffs tonight.

This is a franchise that has missed the playoffs 9 out of 10 years and could easily miss again next year if Toews or Kane is hurt.

This franchise is drinking their own bath water and reading the headlines they write on their website.

Why would a team that just caught up to the 1960's and finally agreed to show home games on TV soak the few remaining fans that are diehard enough to actually watch this pathetic example of an NHL team?

I, like a few hundred others, have been going to 20+ games a year through the lost decade. Obviously John McDonough, the new club president, was drunk up in Wrigleyville during the past 10 years and doesn't know how few real fans are left.

Oh well, Bill Wirtz is back and Pully, Peter Wirtz, Krivo, JY, Cullimore and minus 10 Klemm can't be far behind.

At least the price I pay for scalped ticket after the puck is dropped, $20 for a 100 level won't change. Come say hello next March. I will be the one yelling, "I told you so" to the other 3,000 at the game.
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May 8, 2008 11:42 PM ET | Delete
keith would beat out any d in the playoffs? lidstrom? rafalski? zubov? timmonen? you're out of your mind, brother.
May 9, 2008 5:38 PM ET | Delete
I was one of the many who got kicked hardest. I don't really understand the logic at all of how they did this. You can't really group the entire league and talk about average ticket prices, each market and demand is way different. And 7 sellouts doesn't really show me much demand, although it picked up. This was the first really bad move they made. This isn't basketball, football or baseball.
May 9, 2008 9:10 PM ET | Delete
Keith outdo any of the d-men left in the playoffs? When Keith wins 5 Norris Trophies like Nick Lidstrom, soon to be 6, then you can talk. As for the Hawks raising ticket prices? That is pretty raw considering they still missed the playoffs. They should wait till the team has more success before sticking it to the customers.
May 10, 2008 7:24 PM ET | Delete
Philadelphia doubled the price of ice row tickets and increased tickets an average of 5 bucks across the boardlower level tickets will be an average of $94ice row which used to be 89, will now be approx 150
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