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Bill Wirt$ is alive!

Posted May 8, 2008
How else can anyone explain the resent egregious ticket price increase? Some tickets almost doubled. This is a team that has two top nine forwards in Kane and Toews. This is a team that has one defenseman, Keith, who would beat out any of the defensemen left in the playoffs tonight. This is a franchise that has missed the playoffs 9 out of 10 years and could easily miss again next year... Read More »
The Chicago Blackhawks lack a puck moving/power play defenseman to take the team from outside of the playoffs into a battle for the 8th playoff spot next season. Because they have failed to develop any of the numerous defensemen they have drafted over the past 10 years of futility they are faced with the task of signing a miracle free agent. Of course Hawk braintrust is whispering to anyone who... Read More »
Have you looked a the scheudule for the first 10 games? Detroit twice, Colorado, Dalas, San Jose, Minnesota etc. It isn't until game 10 that the the Hawks get to face their equal in Columbus and Columbus has handled them the past couple of season's. Have you thought about the fact that there isn't a forward line returning from last season? There isn't even a pair of forwards who played together... Read More »
I heard the guys on XM talking about fantasy picks and top 5 best player lists and I was waiting for somebody to mention the obvious. Chris Pronger is the best player in the league right now. Our number obsessed world might not catch it because lots of the things that win games don't show up on the score sheet. It's no coincidence that St. Louis imploded after he was dumped. It's no co... Read More »
Who will wear the "C" in Chicago this season? It will probably be Havlat but can anyone name a team, a franchise, so lacking of captian material? I've always liked the team that had the classic born in Canada captain like Dirk Graham, Terry Ruskowski or Tom Lysiak. Those guys knew what it took. Who on the Hawks today can be counted on to say what needs to be said, score the goal that ne... Read More »


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