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Have you looked a the scheudule for the first 10 games? Detroit twice, Colorado, Dalas, San Jose, Minnesota etc. It isn't until game 10 that the the Hawks get to face their equal in Columbus and Columbus has handled them the past couple of season's.

Have you thought about the fact that there isn't a forward line returning from last season? There isn't even a pair of forwards who played together last season.

Is any team counting on two rookies as much as the Hawks? Would anyone be surprised if those rookies took some time to aclimate to the NHL?

Is there a team in the league with a worse defense? Keith and Seabrook as 1 and 2?

Is there a worse and more overpaid duo in Net than the Lalime and Kaby?

And if the team starts 0-10 what is Tallon going to do? Trade youngsters? No. Fire the Coach? No. He has already done that with no positive result and extended the most inexperienced head coach in the league. Perhaps 2 leagues NHL and AHL.

Unless the team starts 6-4 with Toews or Kane contending for the Calder and Havlat scoring a goal a game, this team in going to drop off the map here in Chicago in October, the building will be empty and what is Tallon going to do?

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September 5, 2007 12:43 PM ET | Delete
Maybe not so bad as you state...0-10. Six of the first ten are at home. Unless the team and your young players totally fall off the cliff, you'll be OK. But you're correct in trying to lower expectations somewhat because it may take some time for team adjustments and for young players to (hopefully) grow into their potentials. Long-term, this is probably the best path for the 'Hawks at this point.
September 5, 2007 2:58 PM ET | Delete
Man, I thought I was always pessimistic about the Hawks. You make me look overly optimistic.While I certainly don't see this team going undefeated this season, I would like to see the first 10 games before giving up on them. I think this team could surprise people this season.Then again, they could very well start out 0-10.
September 7, 2007 12:00 AM ET | Delete
thank god some one who,in my estimaton,is totally realistic. als blog has a great bunch of guys but they really want the hawks to do well. however nobody is looking at the team realistically.besides the rookie problem,how about the old,banged,worn,used up problem the hawks have? they love to pick up the end- of- their-career and slower than molasses players who are past their prime but come cheap. living off their careers with nothing left in the tank. or catching cast offs other teams want to ditch.ie lang,samsanov,adams,zyuzin/ past projects? bondra,aucoin, remember wendell clark??????if you are going to get old,get someone who will put butts in the seats. jeremy roenick for one.
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