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Avs targeting Iginla?

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If you have been following the Avs for the past few years then you know by now that the teams presence on rumor websites has been slim to none. During the entirety of the Lacroix era the Avs were the most tight lipped organization in the league, and when a trade did happen it was right out of left field.

Then here come in Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy. In the first month of being on the Job they have been anything but secretive. Whether it has been Roy throwing the hockey universe into chaos claiming they might trade the #1 overall pick or Sakic throwing out the curveball that the Avs were not taking assumed favorite Seth Jones, they have taken no time getting the ball rolling in Colorado. Sakic and Roy have made their message abundantly clear: this is their team, they want to win now, and they aren't afraid to do whatever it takes to get them there.

So now to the point of this blog.

The other day EK listed the Avs as one of the teams in on Iginla which got me thinking. So after looking into it more and reading between the lines I started to ask myself the question, "Have the Avs been going after Iginla all along?!?!?"

Usually I would place this under the "wishful thinking" category ,however what really makes me feel this is a very real possibility was the trade the Avs made with the Calgary Flames yesterday. This is move was fairly odd given there is still quite a bit of bad blood between the Avs and the Flames from the O'reilly offer sheet.

The trade in itself was a solid trade for the Avs that traded the underachieving David Jones and out of shape Shane O'brien for an Aging Alex Tanguay and rugged pylon Sarich.

Twitter had some fun with the trade with tweets like "Hey everybody, we're getting the gang back together! #OldmanAvs" and "Breaking news! Avs resign Robo-Peter Forsberg".

I won't get into the trade too much but I will say by itself it was a good trade for the Avs on a few different levels. They saved some money and brought in some leadership.

However If the Avs made the move to bring in Tanguay(Iginla's old linemate) as posturing to help bring in Iginla, Sakic's first trade in his new role becomes a VERY big win.

Iginla would be a great fit for the Avs bringing everything the Avs are needing.

Although are the Avs really a good fit for Iginla who is looking for a Cup? At first I would say no, but the more I look into it, the more it looks like a possibility.

- With the Cap going down, many of the big teams such as the Bruins, Pens, Rangers, Canucks ect have some serious cap problems.

-Do teams that he is rumored to such as MTL or SJ really have a better chance at winning the cup in the next 2-3 year than the Avs?

-With the Avs publicly stating that they are taking Mackinnon #1 there is a very real possibility that they already have a deal in place for a player like Stastny for a Dman which would leave a spot open.

-For a player that has never had a real center besides a handful of games with Crosby, playing with 1 of Duchene, O'reilly/Gabe or Mackinnon could be quite inticing for Iggy along with familiar linemate Tanguay.

-Finally the Avs have the Capspace as well as both Sakic and Roy have a personal relationship with Iginla from playing on Team Canada.

So what do you guys think? Are the Avs making a move for Iginla or do they have no chance against teams like STL or LA?

Thanks for reading,
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July 2, 2013 1:42 PM ET | Delete
I thought the same thing! But they would have to overpay for him. If I were running this team Stastny for Vanek would already be a done deal.
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