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With the season having just started I figured now would be a good time to go through every team in the league and look at how they are doing and how they are headed. So without further ado.

The good: This team has insane depth at Goalie with 2 nhl starters and 2 of the top rookie goaltenders in their system. The ducks have a lot of flexibility with where they want to go in the future.

The bad: With Getzlaf and Perry signed to HUGE deals and this probably being the last year The Finnish Flash and Koivu play before they hang up the skates this team will have to address their teams depth in the next few years. Some could also claim that the ducks Dcore overachieved last year.

The outlook: They are currently a team that could do some damage in the playoffs, however this teams future will hinge on what the GM does to work around the cap for this team built around their big 2.

The good: Alright lets be real, there isn't much that isn't good about this team. They are probably the deepest team in the league and in my opinion the only legitimate threat coming out of the east to win the Cup. The GM is brilliant and this team deep throughout the roster. They also have one of the top 3 best coaches in the league. If that wasn't good enough, pretty much the entire team is signed past next year and thats with the cap projected to go up.

The bad: The only bad thing about this team is that one of the classiest players Marc Savard had an amazing career end far to early. Also Iginla has shown signs of being a bit of a drama queen.

The outlook: There time is now.


The Good: I really think this team did a great job stocking up this past trade deadline and your 2 1st round Dmen look like studs in the making. You still have a few assets to make due with and you have one if not the best owner in all of hockey along with great fans.

The bad: The hardest thing to get in this league is high impact forwards, which is just what this team is missing. No offense whatsoever and a few years in the basement maybe what this team needs. Lets be honest, Coho is no 1st line center, he reminds me a lot of bozak, he is good because he has chemistry with the teams star winger but is a 2nd line C at best. Also this team coaching staff just wont cut it, and a team with Sacco is determined to draft high each year. Also the lowering of the salary cap at the worst possible time.

The outlook: It will be painful, there is a chance that the Gm can make some magic and accelerate this rebuild however it will take a few years. This team could really use someone like Rick Dudley to help put together a well build team around this bright young defensive core that is already taking shape.


The good: Off to a hot start this year surprising everyone. Also brought in Burke who has proven he can make something from nothing. Monahan is looking like the real deal. McDavid is a strong possibility to be wearing a flames uniform.

The bad: Worst GM in the league by miles and miles. This team is absolutely bare of talent and it will take a good 5 years before they are ready to fight for a cup again. Prone to draft awkwardly as well. Although currently without a loss in regulation I find it hard to see this team finishing above top 5 and even if they do, they are just prolonging the inevitable.

The outlook: This team has been run into the ground by Feaster. Hopefully Burke will be able to work his magic and they can nab McDavid but until then the only words I could use to describe this teams outlook would be grim and painful. Any Flames fans over these next few years will be true Flames fans.


The good: Can anyone say Staal family reunion? This team has some elite players at goaltender and center and if this team can ever manage to make the playoffs they can get hot and do some real damage.

The bad: Depth at forward and Defense. This teams blueline is hurting and it is hurting bad. It also feels like this team can't seem to find the right line combos that can workout for them, always rotating players in and out. This team has had a rough history of high draft picks not panning out and Skinner needs to step up his game.

The outlook: The core is there, the Staal's, Semin, Ward. These next few years will determine if they have a shot at a cup or if a full rebuild is in order.


The Good: Previous cup winners and talk of a Dynasty. SOLID defense, a true captain and elite scoring along with a coach who fits with this team perfectly. Each year they manage to trade away player after player just to have a prospect step up to fill the void. They have possibly one of the best fan bases in the league to boot.

The bad: Hossa's contract will present the Hawks with an interesting issue due to the new recapture rule. The Crawford contract was also a questionable decision.

The outlook: This team is a monster, with prospects such as Mcneil and TT knocking at the door. They will be dominant for years to come.


The Good: This team has no bad contracts, has drafted a very potent offensive core and Roy is so far looking like the real deal. Surprising the hockey world with a 5-0 start, this young team looks very promising. This team's offense is deep, balanced, young and skilled.

The bad: What this team will do with O'reilly still remains to be a large issue as losing him would set this team back a few years. Also while they have some prospects who show promise the Defense will need to be improved as well as this team is missing a top 2 dman.

The outlook: While they are off to a hot start, making the 8th seed in the west would be an absolute victory for this team. We will have to see how this team handles themselves when they hit a rough patch as the goalies can't put up a .977 save percentage for the whole season. However only a few players are signed past next year so Sakic and Roy should have full control of what they do for this team, so far though it looks very promising.


The Good: this team has strong D, a goalie of the year and some playmakers on offense. We can finally see what Murray brings to the table.

The bad: this team has question marks at center and was last year for Bob just a fluke? Will they regret giving him that contract?

The outlook: A lot of this team hinges upon how their young offensive players develop. They are on the edge of a playoffs spot, however for the first time in a long time, this team may be finally ready to win its first ever playoff series.


The good: They finally have their franchise center to play with Benn and Dillon looks to be the real deal. nichushkin also looks to be a powerhouse in the making. This team has some serious prospects in the wing as well. At least for the moment bringing in Ruff can also only be seen as a positive. I am also digging the new uniforms.

The bad: This team is built.... oddly. With a mix of very young and very old it still seems like there is work to be done. Veterans like Cole, whitney, gonchar and robidas are only short term fixes and it is still to be seen what impact Eakin and Chaisson will be able to have at the pro level. Also Kari and his injuries provide a decent level of risk.

The outlook: Nill still has a lot of work to do, but at this point he seems to be the right man for the job and hockey could be relevant in the Big D sooner than later.


The good: Moving to the east was long overdue for this team. Moving into an easier eastern conference along with having the best coach in the game should only improve this teams chances that much more. The wings also have a very strong roster this year.

The bad: Although it has been said for years, this team is getting old and its time is coming to an end as Dats and Zetty get older. Wings fans will have to realize they dodged a bullet by lucking out and getting 2 superstars in the 6th and 7th round and they are unlikely to repeat that feat. A rebuild is coming in this teams future.

The outlook: This team probably has the best chance at upsetting the bruins to make it to the Cup Finals in the east. Very deep and very skilled, for a team that almost eliminated Chicago last year they are a force to be feared.


The good: Any team with Nuge, Hall, Eberle and Yak has something to look forward to. MacT also has shown he isn't afraid to make moves. Ference was a great choice for captain and this team will finally have rid themselves of Hemsky and Smyth after this year.

The bad: Holy crap will this team EVER learn to play defense. Ignoring the weakness at center, this team has given up 29 goals in 6 games. Despite oilers fans biggest wishes, Duby isn't even close to being good enough in goal. After all of these years maybe we are starting to realize you can't just draft high and be granted a playoff team. Also Eakins has shown some HUGE flaws, by showing favoritism and benching the teams stars, which is a very troubling sign. This team shouldn't be doing this poorly with the team it has, eventually something has to give, but I am not sure fans even know what anymore.

The outlook: It has been far too long and its about time this team makes the playoffs. They can't play D to save their lives and managed to miss the playoffs while being top 10 in PP and PK last year. Being in a seemingly tougher division this year, I am counting this team out of the playoffs until they prove me, and their loyal and amazing fans wrong. At least until they get a competent goalie.


The good: High draft picks galore. This team always is in the top of prospect pools and has all the prospects people rave about. Along with Tallon at the helm this team looks promising. Now its just time for those prospects to show up and do some damage in the big league.

The bad: Markstrom so far has been a bust, I know I may be alone in this but I have yet to see anything but him getting blown out. At the moment this team is all promise. A roster filled with mediocrity, they are heading in the right direction but I question what has to be done for them to be a contender.

The outlook: At the moment this teams seems as if it is biding time for their young prospects to be ready for the big leagues. While they were riddled with injury last season, I am seeing this team having another high draft pick at the end of the year.


The good: All I can say for this team is wow. This has to be one of the best built teams in the league. Defensively one of the best, and while they can struggle to score they have all of the pieces there as well as prospects who are ready to play in the NHL now. Also having one of the best goalies in the world doesn't hurt either.

The bad: Maybe you could say they don't have the highest powered offense and could possibly use a sniper but for a team that rarely gives up more than 2 goals they make up for it.

The outlook: No one and I mean NO ONE wants to face this team in the playoffs. The series with the blues last year could have been the best of the entire playoffs. The team has cup contender written all over it.


The good: Getting the 2 big FA's still is a victory to this day. This team is solid and finally has some players they drafted come to show up. Also living in one of the most hockey crazy states in the US doesn't hurt either. I am also buying into the Rumors that Vanek is coming back home very strongly.

The bad: against the cap, core in their prime and maybe just not good enough. This teams goaltending is possibly past its prime as well. The biggest fear is that this team just doesn't have what it takes to win a cup as has been shown to be a risk when trying to build a team through FA. Yeo also has yet to prove himself.

The outlook: They could make the playoffs but I don't seem them going past the 1st round.


The good: Alex Galchenyuk is the real deal. This kid blows me away. Prust is one of the great role players in the league and along with Price and PK this team could make noise for years to come.

The bad: They are small up front and this town can be too much for some players to handle and to some point all of the pressure may not be conducive to building a cup winning team.

The outlook: This is a good young team. They have a world class GM and they could be a playoff team this year, but even if they aren't they are on the right track.
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October 15, 2013 11:58 AM ET | Delete
WTF are you talking about??? How did Feaster run this club to the ground???Under Feasters watch Flames went from 27th to 10th in ranking teams with prospects(Pronman). Do some research first before writing this crap.
October 15, 2013 6:21 PM ET | Delete
Message Posted
October 15, 2013 6:44 PM ET | Delete
Buffalo assessment is spot on.
October 16, 2013 9:26 PM ET | Delete
Feaster sucks
October 19, 2013 5:22 AM ET | Delete
***head shake at calgary assessment***. seriously, the prospect pool grew leaps and bounds and some of those off the board picks are really panning out. Of course it remains to be see how they transfer to the nhl
October 23, 2013 3:20 AM ET | Delete
You have not watched a wild game this season.
October 23, 2013 7:38 PM ET | Delete
wonder if after Dubey goes 2-1 with a .935 in his last 3, people will get off his back. Small sample size dumbasses. I guess COL will keep a .961 this whole year
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