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With the season having just started I figured now would be a good time to go through every team in the league and look at how they are doing and how they are headed. So without further ado. [u]Anaheim[/u] The good: This team has insane depth at Goalie with 2 nhl starters and 2 of the top rookie goaltenders in their system. The ducks have a lot of flexibility with where they want to go in the... Read More »

Avs targeting Iginla?

Posted June 30, 2013
If you have been following the Avs for the past few years then you know by now that the teams presence on rumor websites has been slim to none. During the entirety of the Lacroix era the Avs were the most tight lipped organization in the league, and when a trade did happen it was right out of left field. Then here come in Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy. In the first month of being on the Job they h... Read More »


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