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"Never in the penalty box"
CA • 35 Years Old • Female
Brad Marchand needs to just go shoulder to shoulder with guys regardless of his height. By trying to up end guys in that manor will always result in clipping because of his height. Brad is way too good a player to take the chance of getting suspended again and hurting his team. The hit on Emelin tonight in Montreal was pointless, and if Brad saw one of his own teammates get clipped like that, I guarantee he wouldn't like it. Emelin did try to avoid the on coming hit, which made Brad change his approach at the last second, but it was too low and the refs are always going to call that (they do not have the luxury of slow motion replay). If Marchand hits him up right, he makes a huge hit, instead of putting his team on the penalty kill in hostile Montreal.

Marchand has a great shot, great hands, fights, works hard, skates hard and needs to get low hits out of his repertoire. I am not sure what he is thinking in that moment, but he is too smart to continue to do this at the NHL level. Just like Tim Thomas and Facebook, Marchand clipping guys distracts and hurts his team. When Marchand did it against Sami Salo in the Vancouver game on January 7th in Boston, it took the Bruins thunder away in that game, putting Vancouver on a long power play resulting in a game changing goal. In the past I too defended his ducking move as "he is just protecting himself." But if you do it enough, that excuse starts to fall on deaf ears. Marchand needs to stay scrappy because that is his style and Bruins fans love him for it. I do not think he is a dirty player, and this incident tonight was not egregious, but there is no benefit in doing it. Let's hope this is the last we see of this from an important Bruins winger.
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February 16, 2012 12:06 PM ET | Delete
I agree, he's such a skilled player, but needs to drop this bad habit.
February 16, 2012 3:30 PM ET | Delete
100% disagree. I've watched Marchands game since he was in the Q and he is not better then this. He was a rat then, a rat now and always will be. Classless wanna be agitator. Its high time he pays for his actions and I can't wait to see the day. watching him rubbing his hand in Sedins face during last years playoffs and getting away with it is unthinkable in my mind. In the day that boy would be on his butt in no time.
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