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BrowntoBure writes...

The Boston Tear Party

Posted Monday | Comments 0
Boston. Beantown, Hub, The Walking City. So many cute nicknames these arrogant Chowd's have for their city, but everyone knows the best nicknames aren't given to ones self, but rather thrust upon you by others. Allow me to introduce to you, Boston, The Centre For Mass Hypocrisy. Our blue collared, working class heroes to the east have thrown quite the party the past fe...
icedog97 writes...

Turning the Tide?...and a Rant

Posted Wednesday | Comments 0
Three wins in a row...two in the Sunshine state where we've definitely taken our lumps over the years...and one against the Hurricanes - who also give us fits...has Penguin fans feeling a lot better than a week ago. Without exaggeration...we needed those wins badly. I wouldn't say all of the Penguins ills have been cured...but it is safe to say that they seem to be ...
Brad Marchand needs to just go shoulder to shoulder with guys regardless of his height. By trying to up end guys in that manor will always result in clipping because of his height. Brad is way too good a player to take the chance of getting suspended again and hurting his team. The hit on Emelin tonight in Montreal was pointless, and if Brad saw one of his own teammates ge...


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