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I know this is an old subject, however I have not had the chance to post this as of yet. So here it is.

This is my tribute to one of the best captains, and most talented players in NHL history.

To start off, I’d like to say congratulations to Jarome Iginla, for scoring his 500th goal – a feat performed by only 42 other NHL players. It may not have been the prettiest goal, but for all the struggles he has been through, it’s well deserved.
I once had the pleasure of meeting him after a game and he is the classiest guy, not only NHL player – I’ve ever met. He is genuine, passionate and one of the most honest people in the game.

Jarome is the face of the Flames franchise, not only for his skill – but for his leadership, passion, hard work, community involvement, how humble he is and his hard work. He is the perfect description of an ideal captain that any franchise would gladly have on their team.

When he was first traded to Calgary in 1995, nobody thought much of it. Fans were more upset about losing an icon in Nieuwendyk. Little did they know that this young man, would lead their franchise for the next thirteen years.

He has carried Calgary since his inauguration as Captain and created a new fan base for the franchise. He led his team through thick and thin, and when the going gets tough, he is the first player to take responsibility for whatever it may be.
Iginla is the first Flame to step up, and get involved in the community. He often donated money for each goal he scored to new charities, and visited local sick kids hospitals on his spare time.

The most emotional time for me, and I’m sure many Flames fans’ was the 04′ playoff run. The emotions on the players’ faces were evident, and many wondered if the Flames could return to the Stanley Cup finals again.

When Iggy assisted on the Gold Medal goal at the 2010 Olympics, Flames fans everywhere cheered. Crosby has had numerous interviews where he has stated that Iginla is his favourite NHL player, and to watch him assist on Crosby’s goal was something special.

As much as it pains me to say it, Jarome needs to be traded. He will NOT win a cup in Calgary, and for everything he has done in Calgary, he deserves it.
Jarome is important because he carries the team. Not only on the ice, but off as well. He scores, deals with media, lifts morale, helps the community and always has a smile. Jarome, thank you.

Words cannot describe how much of an impact Jarome has had on the players he’s played with, or the people he’s met. He is a true inspiration to everyone, and the game. When he retires, so will his jersey – as Jarome Iginla is one of the greatest NHL players of all time, and should be remembered as such.

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