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One More For The Road

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The Blues are going to have to cherish their break. Only one guy is going to the All Star Game and that's the "backup" goaler. Everyone else gets to play around, rest up, get healthy, and refocus for the second half of the year. If it was me, I'd be spending some time on my couch....because that couch is going to be lonely the rest of the season. February is pretty split with home and away games, but March.....March is going to suck. Road, road, road.....and so far we suck on the road. We play hard, don't get me wrong, but we can't find the net. Bernie Miklasz from the Post-Dispatch has a good article detailing their "road woes." The Blues need to score.

They need to have someone step up and be the go-to guys when goals are hard to come by. Backes scores big goals, Oshie scores the highlight reel goals, and Arnott scores the must haves. St. Louis needs a guy who gets all the ones in between.

David Perron will always be a shoot-second player. He's sick with the puck and his vision is unparalleled. He is not the guy. Berglund can't find the back of the net to save his life. Stewart isn't the guy. Langenbrunner doesn't have the touch he used to have. Sobotka is a strong complimentary guy. D'Agostini is streaky. That leaves Steen and McDonald, and who knows when they're coming back. Might it be time to make a move?

Who's on the block? Oshie surely isn't going anywhere. Stewart brings a lot of intangibles like sticking up for guys when they get drilled in the head. Perron's upside is much too high. Who can you get value for? With Benny Bishop in Peoria looking like he's lost his in with the big club, and the Blues cranking along seemingly playoff bound, there could be a trade coming....and it should be Berglund.

Bergie has not gotten it done, plain and simple. He had a very physical game against the Red Wings last night.....but what else has he done. He could have had a highlight reel goal if he would have finished that backhand chance he had high and over the glove of Howard but couldn't quite get it there. If he scores there I'd be waiting a few more games to talk bad about him! He's got the talent, the hands, the work ethic, and I think he'd benefit from a change in scenery. Berglund, Bishop and Grachev would be a very nice package (plus maybe a draft pick or two) for a losing team to unload one of their 30-40 goal scorers. A 30-40 goal scorer on the Blues would be huge! Doug Armstrong needs to make it happen.

I don't think they can count on McDonald ever coming back. And if he comes back who's to say he stays healthy for the rest of the season? Steen SHOULD be back but you never know about him either. Adding a scorer for $5 million or so a year would be ideal right now. You unload Berglund's contract for about half of that and get someone who can seriously make a difference. New ownership, whenever that happens, should/could/would not be upset about making that happen.

The Blues are a hot commodity right now and all they're missing is that ONE GUY to push them over the hump. They are really close to being a legitimate Stanley Cup contender right now. Go get that one guy, Army. He's out there. You know he's out there. Pull the trigger and get it done. 19,150 fans are counting on you.
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