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Maybe I'm thinking about the Blues' scoring woes the wrong way. Maybe they don't need a scorer via trade. Maybe Andy McDonald and Alex Steen aren't as essential as I originally thought. Maybe they need a defenseman or two to change the offense. Maybe....

Pietrangelo is becoming a legitimate #1 defenseman. Shattenkirk isn't far behind but he's more an offensive playmaker than a true #1 or #2 guy. Jackman and Polak are very good at what they do....shut down the other teams' best forwards. Russell is great at starting an attack, Colaiacovo is a decent all around player with nothing too flashy. The majority of the defensemen on the Blues are at their best when they're not being noticed. They haven't done anything remarkable but they haven't been exposed by the other team. What if there can be more?

With Petro climbing the ranks of defensive scoring it has made me think that having another one or two of those type of players would be awesome. Shattenkirk started out as hot as Pietrangelo started cold. As Petro has picked his game up Shatty hasn't kept his up. If he turns it on and starts becoming the point-a-game playmaker he can be the Blues are going to be tough.

What if there's a guy out there to be had in a trade. A big-shooter type. Polak can hammer the puck but no EVER knows where it's going! It's an absolute blast but very unreliable. The next hardest shot on the team is probably Arnott...a winger. No clue if Huskins can really bring it or not (someone out there should look that up) but I don't think he's a real offensive threat. Jax has never been that guy. Carlo picks his spots. Russell....nah. Maybe a big boy on the point would open up some play in front of the net.

There are multiple times throughout the game that the opposing team can just pack it in because getting hit by a shot won't cripple them like back in the MacInnnis days. Shea Weber and Ryan Suter......they're the best players on Nashville. It's no secret that they shoot a heavy puck. Look at where they are in the standings.....looking pretty good for a team without a legitimate threat on OFFENSE.

Heavy shots used to be all the fad in St. Louis. Al MacInnis was feared by the whole league for his blast. Pronger could fling it pretty well too. Since those guys we haven't had that cannon from the point. Maybe that's what the Blues are missing. Maybe they need a Chara-type who can mash. A Weber-type who can bring it. Can you guys think of anyone who might be available? Maybe Armstrong's looking for that guy right now. Dougie.....who you got in mind?!?!?
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February 3, 2012 7:03 PM ET | Delete
Interesting thought. It would be nice to find one, but I don't think there are any out there. I'd still rather go and get that pure goal scoring center or winger.Big Game against them Kings tonight. Neither team scores much. Could be looking at a 1-0 game.
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