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No One's Safe

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If for no other reason the St. Louis Blues need a top notch goal scorer is to get more calls I'm all for it. I am sick and tired of watching the "best" teams get every single freaking call all night long. Malkin falls down twice, Blues get penalized twice. Brad Stuart drops his gloves first, Chris Stewart gets 2 minutes for the instigator and a 10 minute misconduct. It's so obvious that it has become comical. Anyone can see that the Blues get hosed night after night. They work as hard or harder than any other team in the league and the refs reward them with some extra time to catch their breath while sitting in the box. It's terrible. The Blues need a scorer. They need a legitimate guy out there who the refs will protect as well as protect his teammates at the same time.

Berglund showed up last night.....I liked it. I liked it a lot. He needs about 25 more of those games the rest of the way and I'll be a believer.

Stewart was everywhere but on the scoresheet last night....where the Blues need him most. The guy can play. He's a nasty guy out there. But he has to finish some of these chances.

Perron.....come on! You can score. You really can. Start freaking do it. You're more than overdue. Make it happen. Glorious opportunities only fall into your lap every now and then (you're not Berglund after all). You need to be the best player on the ice when you're out there. Make the necessary plays. You're too talented to be kept off the scoresheet.

D'Ags.....hey man. Whatcha been doin? Playin some hockey? Really? Haven't noticed. Find the back of the net, man!

Hitchcock kicked it up a notch moving around the lines. Vlad Sobotka to the top line. They were flying around like crazy. Sobotka's first three steps are lightning and will do Oshie a lot of good if Hitch decides to keep him up on the first line. As good as Steen was with Backes before his concussion it's going to be a tough call who to play on the top line when everyone's healthy, and I haven't even mentioned McDonald. Things are going to get crazy. "Healthy Scratch" will sound like an extra player on the Blues pretty soon.

Elliott played a great game last night. Neal is lightning quick with his release and getting beat out the air on a tipped shot is nothing to scoff at. Worthy of his all-star appearance. I still think he's 1A on the team behind Halak though.

Jax and Petro.....keep your heads and hips up when going into the boards. Your faces will thank you.

Shatty......going to need more out of you. You've been a bit of a ghost out there offensively.

There's a pattern I'm seeing with this nonsense I'm writing, I think. Lack of offensive production seems to be trending. Andy and Alex, whenever you're ready we could use you. If you can't play, figure it out sooner rather than later please. Doug will have to do some work to make up for you two. Thanks.
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