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Game 6 vs SJS

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Game 5 and 6 showed what a champion is supposed to look like.. The Wings never looked liked they were going to lose while the Sharks looked scared.. Really, I can't even say the Sharks looked desperate. That would require SJS to have a pulse and they obviously were done after game 4.. I would love to wax poetic about the mighty Wings, but bottom line is that SJS CHOKED.. How can a team that looked so DOMINANT at times just absolutely go to sleep? I do give the Wings credit for the changes they made after game 3 (shutting down the Sharks PP, changing how they set up there own PP).. The Sharks only have a couple personnel issues to address in the off season (more depth on the back end) but if they really want to take that next step (and lets be honest, they have been favorites for a couple years now) they need to find a new coach..

Random thoughts: Mr Lidstrom? you are a STUD!!! Let me buy you a 6er of Labatts (yes, we all know Swedish beer sucks).. Sincerely -- Dom

It is so refreshing to have a new set of playoff heroes -- DC, Homer, Franzen and yes Lilja.. I know I ripped the crap out of AL this year and last, but he has just played good solid defense the past 2 series..

DET Defense is in deep trouble going into game 1.. The upside? Derek Meech has the confidence of the coaching staff to play if need be.. Kyle Quincey has shown the maturity and skill to play at this level.. And Chelios hasn't logged a TON of minutes this year so I'm not worried about him..

Wings vs Ducks? Could be a short series if the Wings make mistakes like they did vs SJS..

Final: Det 2 - SJS 0

Next Game: Friday 7:30 VS
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