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Hasek steals one

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I am 33 years old with a 4 year old little boy and another child just days away.. As a fairly even keeled sports fan (yeah, the trashcan? ancient history) I do not get as worked up as I used to as a 20 something lunatic who would go off after every home team loss.. Keep this in mind when I tell you that I was genuinely NERVOUS in the hours leading up to today's game.. You know what? I enjoyed every minute of it!! Is this what fans of teams facing the Wings feel like during the playoffs? DET hockey fans have been spoiled for the last 10 years and I truly believe most have forgotten what its like to 'shock the world'. Oh, and its nice to have a goalie that can 'steal a game'..

Wow.. What a 3rd period.. ANA just kept coming the last 5 minutes.. This game looked just like the SJS series in which each team seemed to be dominant in bunches.. Hasek really had to weather a few storms when the Wings would get caught with tired legs in their own zone.. On the flip side the Wings could have easily had a few more goals (Z's post, Samuelsons missed open net)..

Random thoughts:

If Flop Boy doesn't end up in a body bag the Wings have a good shot of winning this series.. ANA ran him from every direction possibly..
F Beauchemin could have easily earned the first star of tonight's game as he was in on both of DET's goals..
ANA is an easy team for me to hate.. JS Giggy -- michelin man, Pronger -- so hard NOT to hate, Kunitz -- yeah, he's a former CCHA star but he was a pain in UM's butt when he played for Ferris State, S Niedermayer -- looks like one of those cocky old doctors with his salt and pepper playoff beard (yeah, I'm reaching but he annoys the snot out of me).. The only Duck I cannot hate is Teemu (met him as a teenager when he played for Winnipeg, great guy)..
Plymouth beat Sudbury 4-3 in OT of game 5 of the OHL finals.. shots for the game: Ply 81 - Sud 35!!!

Final: DET 2 - ANA 1

Next game: Sunday 7:30 VS, CBC
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