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Hasek blows this one..

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It was a tough TV night in my household: 7:30 Tigers game, 8:00 Pistons game, 9:00 Greys Anatomy season finale (for the wife), 10:15 Lost special (for me).. It was an even tougher night on the ice for the Wings.. Lets rephrase that: it was a tough night on the ice for Flop Boy.. 3 goals on 8 shots? While the rest of the team was showing the heart that has become the wings hallmark this playoff year, Hasek was asleep in his crease..

What the hell did Kyle Quincey do to piss M Babcock off? Dude played 4 shifts and a grand total of 2:03.. All in the first period.. Yet he was on the bench for the rest of the game.. I never understand how coaches can arbitrarily sit guys especially when they have shown they can play at this level.. So he has a couple bad shifts.. LET THE GUY REDEEM HIMSELF!!

Bottom line: Giggy came out and redeemed himself.. Would have been nice to have 3 chances to close out the series.. The Wings carried the play for the first time in this series and the goal tending let them down..

Final: ANA 5 - DET 3
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May 18, 2007 12:54 PM ET | Delete
Hasek was not asleep in his crease as you stated. The first goal was a booming shot from the top of the circle on which his only chance for a save was if it simply hit him. No time to react on that one. The second goal deflected in off of a defender in front of him. The third goal was a flukey goal on a bouncing puck in front. Again, no time to react and make a save. He simply tried to cover as much of the net as he could. And the fourth goal he didn't see because of the screen in front. The save percentage will not look good, but you can't really fault Hasek on any of those goals. The shoddy D in front of him is to blame. The Ducks certainly benefited from a few fortunate bounces in this one. Disappointing because we outplayed them badly for most of the game and a win would have all but ended the series. Now we have to take care of home ice. They better come out with more fire and focus than they did last night...
May 18, 2007 6:48 PM ET | Delete
LOL! Are you kidding sWauve? Mr. Flop should stay in his friggin net and focus on stopping the puck. Defense is ABSOLUTELY not the problem. He is too worried about playing the puck, crying to the officials, and pounding his stick on the ice to get everyone's attention. I really think it will be Detroit and Ottawa in the finals...and as far as last night's goals, as I've stated in my blogs, he cannot handle the high-scoring affairs...which spells doom against Ottawa.
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