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Yashin to Montreal???

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Ok...I will admit, the prospect of a Samsonov - Yashin - Kovalev line sounds explosive...on paper. But do we really expect the Habs to make the same mistake 3 times in a row here?

05-06 Season: Kovalev signed to a 4 year deal worth 20.25 Million (Failure)
06-07 Season: Samsonov signed to a 2 year deal worth 7.05 Million (Failure)
07-08 Season: YASHIN?!?!?!

Come on now...I know the prospect of this all Russian line sounds great, and the arguments made by his agent (how he is firends with all the Russians on the team and he can get Sammy going) sound good, but please consider:

a) The Habs tried every possible permutation to get BOTH Kovy and Sammy going last season. The reason this failed was NOT because of a lack of talent by the players on the team, rather an indication that these players do not fit in with the Montreal style/majority talent.

b) Of course Yashin's agent is saying all these things about his client...he is, afterall, his CLIENT! His agent knows that Yashin is tainted by the buyout and he also knows that Montreal has a history of gambling on lazy Russians (see above).

So...the point then...please do not sign Yashin....please trade Samsonov (or even better send him to the bulldogs)....and please...PLEASE replace Kovalev with someone who gives a crap!

As my friend says..."Apparently all lazy Russians need to do is click their skates together 3 times and they end up at the Bell Center".

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a Samsonov - Yashin - Kovalev line sounds explosive ... like diarrhea
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