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"Lets talk Habs!"
Ottawa, ON • Canada • 26 Years Old • Male
First of all...I must point out that my following statement is not a negative comment about the excellent Habs brass.

Why Bother: I really do enjoy Hockeybuzz, as well as most online media sources (particularly those that focus on my beloved Canadiens). That said, I really no longer see the point of discussing Habs rumours. Bob Gainey is probably one of the most enigmatic GMs in the NHL and 99.9% of the time, his moves come as a surprise. So much so, that now when I hear rumours pertaining to the Habs, I automatically discount them as not-plausible. It is mainly because of the fact that several sources are talking about either Briere or Marleau coming to Montreal, that I am fairly certain neither of these fine players will be wearing the CH next season. No one ever said being a habs fan was boring...I love being surprised! My only request...surprise me sooner, rather than later....because this waiting is killing me!
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