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First of all...I must point out that my following statement is not a negative comment about the excellent Habs brass. Why Bother: I really do enjoy Hockeybuzz, as well as most online media sources (particularly those that focus on my beloved Canadiens). That said, I really no longer see the point of discussing Habs rumours. Bob Gainey is probably one of the most enigmatic GMs in the NHL and 99.... Read More »
Another reason why I think Bob Gainey is the best GM in the league! Instead of buying out Samsonov (cap hit of 1.175 over the next 2 years), we have now traded this dissapointment to Chicago in return for Cullimore and Salmelainen (Total Cap hit of 2.65M this year). To make things better, the habs will buyout Cullimore (cap hit of 612,000 over the next 2 years). This is great news for Habs fans ev... Read More »

Higgins and Komisarek are Signed!

Posted June 15, 2007
Both players were signed to 2 year deals today by the Montreal Canadiens. Official financial details have not been released as of yet. Rumour has it they are both making below 2 Mil a year. This is grat news for the future of our club! P.S....not to rub it in, but.... Ha Ha Eric....beat you to it! :P Read More »

Yashin to Montreal???

Posted June 13, 2007
Ok...I will admit, the prospect of a Samsonov - Yashin - Kovalev line sounds explosive...on paper. But do we really expect the Habs to make the same mistake 3 times in a row here? 05-06 Season: Kovalev signed to a 4 year deal worth 20.25 Million (Failure) 06-07 Season: Samsonov signed to a 2 year deal worth 7.05 Million (Failure) 07-08 Season: YASHIN?!?!?! Come on now...I know the prospect... Read More »

Always something in Montreal...

Posted June 8, 2007
Leave it to my fellow Habs fans to find a dilemma or crisis at any point of the season. If its not some crisis involving Russians, it [i]has[/i] to be something involving goaltenders... Much to my delight, I watched Game #5 of the Calder Cup Finals last night. It was the Hershey Bears vs. our very own Hamilton Bulldogs. Much fuss was made about Carey Price being poised to be the first goaltende... Read More »


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