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In case you missed the Oilers year end press conference, allow me to save you 25 minutes of your life by summing it up:

Prepare for more of the same.

While the press conference was visually better than last years, not much was said which most oiler fans didn't already anticipate, and essentially consisted of Craig Mactavish blowing smoke up everyones ass.

Some of the highlights of the presser were as follows:

"Next year is another developmental year."

While I think the majority of oiler fans are smart enough to realize this team is a long way from the playoffs, it struck me as odd to hear this from a GM. The NHL is not a developmental league. Unless you're the oilers, apparently.

"I'm optimistic."

Classically Mactavish, nobody should have expected anything less given the fact this is the same GM that talked up Justin Schultz and his Norris potential, or how much "visually better" this team was while being well out of the playoff race before December.

The rest of the presser consisted of soft questions fielded by complacent journalists and even softer answers given by an overly confident and entrenched GM.

After hearing news of the Leafs cleaning house in Toronto, I'm sure many of the more optimistic Oilers fans (if any still exist) were hoping for some sort of announcement of change today. Those of us of a more cynical bent weren't surprised in the least when no such change was announced.

Perhaps my favorite part of the press conference was when Mactavish was asked what he would say to fans who are angry about missing the playoffs yet again. After attempting to pretend he cared about what fans thought while simultaneously suggesting many of us shared in his optimism, Mactavish indicated that he understood that "Having not made the playoffs in the last 7 years", some fans were upset.

Did you catch that? Yes: The General Manager of the oilers is somehow unaware of the fact it has actually been nine years since the oilers made the playoffs, which is a little worrying considering Craig was the coach of the last oilers team to make the postseason.

What else can I say about this organization that hasn't already been said? Barring a miracle that would see Daryl Katz woken from his torpor long enough to dismiss the oilers management as a whole, we can expect a bare minimum of another 2 years of futility. See you all next season?

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We need Horcoff.
April 15, 2015 11:36 PM ET | Delete
What a fucking idiot you are. Take a hike goofball. Do us all a favor and shove a stick of dynamite in your bunghole and giver a light.
April 16, 2015 2:33 AM ET | Delete
Nobody cares about you or your opinion, iggysff. Everytime you suggest someone should kill themselves because they disagree with your delusions, you demonstrate why you will forever remain a mouthbreather.
April 16, 2015 5:34 PM ET | Delete
Nice use of "torpor"
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