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The Oilers defensive logjam

Posted July 19, 2015
As reported by Mark Spector, Elliotte Friedman, and others, the Edmonton Oilers have a 48 hour buyout window available to them after requesting arbitration with defenseman Justin Schultz. Today, the first 24 hours of that window passed without Peter Chiarelli opting to use it. One of the reasons the Oilers were inactive for the first 24 hours may have been that Chiarelli is trying to iron out a... Read More »
In case you missed the Oilers year end press conference, allow me to save you 25 minutes of your life by summing it up: Prepare for more of the same. While the press conference was visually better than last years, not much was said which most oiler fans didn't already anticipate, and essentially consisted of Craig Mactavish blowing smoke up everyones ass. Some of the highlights of the p... Read More »
If you're an Oilers fan and haven't been living in a cave for the last week, chances are you've heard of a facebook page that's been gaining traction in the Edmonton media recently. Titled "Kevin Lowe has to go", the page has been steadily gaining likes and is currently poised to reach 8000 of them. The pages creator, known as "John", was quoted by the Edmonton Sun regarding his reasons for sta... Read More »


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