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Insane Atlantic!

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A lot has been happening in the hockey world over the past few weeks. Many signings that will set the direction of clubs for some time as long contracts seem to be the off season flavor.

The Islanders have been making waves by signing Guerin, Fedetenko, Sim, Comrie, Sutton, and Vasicek. This is a major overhaul for a club that squeezed into the show last year and is looking to go to the next level. It may not be so easy....
With the Atlantic Division gearing up for a Cup run, it is hard to imagine that all the clubs in the Atlantic will make it to the Stanley Cup playoffs. However with the aforementioned players along with Briere, Drury, and Gomez relocated it seems that the competition will be amazing in the division this year.

The Devils look like the ones who may be left behind, however with new coaching and Lou in the front office, the Dev's may surprise everyone. It will be interesting!

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