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Another year of....

Posted 3:10 PM ET | Comments 0
The Ricky Deez one man show! This looks like it will be a rough one. If we add Weight it will be great (was that like "if the glove doesn't fit".....?). He is a vet presence that will help Neilsen develop and it would give us a secondary threat down the middle. Bailey with Comrie and 2 others a few years from now, we will need someone else over the next couple to step in. The D needs a vet, not another young up and comer, and not a vet trying to find himself.

On another note, Huet? What the heck does that mean for the Bulin wall. Times like that you it looks like a long 12 years left on the deal. Wonder if Bulin will end up as a bolt again. They will be good this year.
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