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Talk about bad calls, when it is assumed Thomas Vanek snuck one around Rick DiPietro it was called a goal, although the video was inconclusive.


The Sabres are apparently more important than the Isles, and the Rangers are more improtant than the Sabres.

The goal that Briere scored, or "was inconclusive" looked pretty darn in. I hate the Rangers, but the Sabres are getting a taste of Officiating Karma after the blown calls against the Isles. And no, I'm not a bitter fan. I expected the Isles to come up short, however the Sabres only dominated 2 games out of 5. The Isles got one and the Ref's called two in their own favor. I just think we could've gotten a solid 7 gamer out of that series, and so far it is the best series other than Vancouver-Dallas.

And as for the awards announcements for the finalists, I am absolutely BITTER towards the NHL for keeping Teddy Nolan Blacklisted. Therien? Come on?!? He has the best player in the world playing for his team and an overall great team. I could've coached them to 102 pts blindfolded from Moosejaw.

Nolan deserves a nod for coach of the year. He took the team everyone picked to be close to dead last and taught them how to win and to never say die.
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