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Bay Area • United States • 8 Years Old • Male
Folks. I'm a little peeved. For the last couple of weeks (and I may be selling this one short), the Hockey Buzz Chat Room is not working as it should. In order to see another person's remark, you need to hit the "refresh button" each time.

As a season ticket holder, part of what I pay for is the use of this room. Often times I can catch some of my favorite people there and either read the chat log or jump in myself. It is one of the many features of this site I enjoy and have paid for the privalege to use. Well, we are not getting our use. I have emailed tech support for the site.... no response. I have emailed Ek. No reponse. What is the issue? If this Cartika hosting is so wonderful, can't they respond to a request to fix this? I know many others who are upset at the loss of this feature. Since no-one is responding, I put it to you all who might read this. Do you use the chat room? If so, do you miss it? Are you peeved about the fact that it is not getting fixed? Leave a message and perhaps the right people will see it and get to it already. As a former webmaster for a major company, I am astonished at the down time on this site. What are your thoughts?

- Pucked
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