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Mats to San Jose?

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As you may have read, Ek has suggested that the San Jose Sharks may be interested in the services of Mats Sundin. My first reaction to this is: Why would I want to screw up good team chemistry to add someone who may or may not fit into the current team camaraderie? After all, the ride so far has been pretty sweet. (Fingers crossed) We hope it will continue as is and the ride will carry us to and to the end of the playoffs. Nobody has ordered the cup engraved yet, but we are enjoying the kind of success many of us long suffering fans have hoped for since this franchise came to the storied Silicon Valley.

But, what would Mats bring to team teal? What would we have to give up to get him? Obviously Mats is a gifted natural right hand shot. That skill would be an asset to any team. His average 76-point per season would also be welcome. But, what would you have to give up in a salary dump to get him? Some say Mats is not about the money, he just wants to go to a team with a chance at the cup and a market that isn't a media circus. As Ek points out, San Jose certainly fits the bill. But money wise, San Jose has spent near the cap with just over a half a million dollars in cap space left.

Obviously some sort of trade would be required to free up room for Mats. Who would you move? Cheechoo whose production has dropped off significantly over the last couple of years? That move would free up and additional 3 million (approximately). Some say Mats in probably deserving in the 7 million dollar range. But would he accept less to join a team that has a better shot? The Ducks are another team that has been mentioned that might fit the bill, but with similar cap restrictions, they too would have to move salary to sign him. Also in the mix is that reportedly, the Canucks offered him 20 million over two seasons and he didn't sign.

So, the saga continues like a bad soap opera, or as I like to call it " As My Stomach Turns ". Certainly Mats is a highly skilled player and would help almost any team. But would he help the Sharks? I am guessing that when you have a good thing going, you don't want to muck with it. I think we finally have a complete team that if left to it's own means, will find a way to the cup race. Will we win it all? No clue. But with hope in a true fan's heart, I made my wish and like the child at Christmas wishing for the G.I. Joe with Kung Fu grip, I hope it appears on the day when I want it most.

Would love to hear your comments, so please jot a note and add to the discussion. I know mostly other teams are mentioned when the name Mats come up, but since we have been considered an option, thought I would throw it out there for discussion.

Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas.

- Pucked
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