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Well fellow losers, we come to that time of year again where we expect to turn off the hockey games early. After all, the amazing season and President's Cup win means zilch, zip and nada as we suffer another humiliating loss to the Quacks of Anaheim. You have to hand it to the Ducks though. They pulled a mediocre season into a great run so far. Hiller has been amazing and numerous asundry players... Read More »

Mats to San Jose?

Posted December 15, 2008
As you may have read, Ek has suggested that the San Jose Sharks may be interested in the services of Mats Sundin. My first reaction to this is: Why would I want to screw up good team chemistry to add someone who may or may not fit into the current team camaraderie? After all, the ride so far has been pretty sweet. (Fingers crossed) We hope it will continue as is and the ride will carry us to and t... Read More »

Owww! My Groin!

Posted October 24, 2008
Sounds like from all reports that our Big Joe has a groin injury. This would explain a lot about his lack of "zip" so far this season and his troubles in and around the net. The question should be: Should McLellan bench him to rest him, or do you let him try and play tough guy and play through it? I know it has been said that he has a high tolerance for pain, but even though half a Joe is bett... Read More »

What's up with Friesen?

Posted September 28, 2008
Looks like Friesen has been held out of the last two games. As a long time season ticket holder and fan, would love to see Freeze back in teal, but coudl this hold out be a bad sign? Or is it just working the other prospects? Seems liek he has held his own when he played. Anyone have any insight? Please post here. Thanks. - Pucked Read More »
Folks. I'm a little peeved. For the last couple of weeks (and I may be selling this one short), the Hockey Buzz Chat Room is not working as it should. In order to see another person's remark, you need to hit the "refresh button" each time. As a season ticket holder, part of what I pay for is the use of this room. Often times I can catch some of my favorite people there and either read the chat... Read More »

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