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It is easy to say the Flyers should go after Bobby Ryan or sign Zack Parise but it certainly isn't that easy. Would these players make an impact with the team? Certainly, but it comes at a price.

If the Flyers sign Parise, it may preclude them from signing anyone else of significance. With few salary cap money left (depending on the new cap number), they still need to resign Carle and should add some small pieces to the puzzle. This may be impossible with Parise coming.

If the Flyers trade for Ryan, who do they give up? Vorachek, Couturier and someone else? That is too much for my blood even though Ryan brings 30 goals to the table. And if you make the trade, you need someone else to step up the offense as well.

Either of those guys makes sense for the Flyers but they need to be smart about how to do it. They may just need a few pieces to the puzzle, but this will also mean taking away some pieces as well..... unless Homer can pull a Joe Banner and somehow manage the cap so well that he fits all the pieces necessary to finally bring another cup to Philly!

Here’s hoping he can do it!
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