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As usual, Fred Shero was not voted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

I certainly am not surprised by this since I don't think they'll ever enshrine Fred into the Hall of Fame. I heard there are some people highly opposed to his enshrinement.

I guess it has to do with the whole "Broad Street Bullies" era of the Flyers. I was a small kid at the time and don't remember a lot of the games during the 70's but just reading how much people despised the Flyers, I guess there is still a hold-over of that hate.

I still don't understand it. I guess hockey purists (if there are any left) still resent the team for changing the culture of hockey. I also think what made them a lot angrier is that the Flyers actually were winners. And from the stories I read, Clarence Campbell was certainly not happy to hand the cup to the Flyers during this time. Of course this hatred sure changed when hockey needed the Flyers to beat the Soviets in 1976.

Everyone knows the innovations that Shero introduced including the assistant coach, his video use and how he realized how studying Russian styles of hockey would help the NHL.

Everyone also knows his coaching accomplishments; Career record of 390-225-119 in the NHL, 2 Cups, a Jack Adams award, 2 IHL Championships, 1 AHL and 1 CHL championship.

Amazingly, 10 out of his 20 years in coaching, his team was in the Finals!!!!

He inspired players, helped bond them and seemed to be a master of the psychology of hockey.

Even with all these achievements, he is still not in the Hall of Fame. Maybe there is backstage lobbying against him, maybe the voters feel he is not worthy. But his numbers and innovations speak for themselves.

One day, maybe the voters will wise up and elect Shero. Until then, we can fondly remember the memories and Shero for what he was...... a great coach, a great innovator and a great man!
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